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    New GOP House Speaker Rep. Mike Johnson, an Israel-first Republican, made “getting va

    New GOP House Speaker Rep. Mike Johnson, an Israel-first Republican, made “getting vaccines into arms” one of his top priorities during COVID, records show

    11/03/2023 // Ethan Huff // 80 Views

    Tags: biased, big government, bribery, Congress, conspiracy, corruption, COVID, covid-19, deception, deep state, extortion, globalist, House Speaker, Israel, Israel First, lunatics, Mike Johnson, Operation Warp Speed, propaganda, Speaker of the House, traitors, treason, vaccine wars, vaccines, zionist

    In another episode of "Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss," newly installed Republican Speaker of the House Mike Johnson of Louisiana is a globalist traitor with a laundry list of unconstitutional positions under his lengthy political belt.
    Besides believing that the geopolitical entity that calls itself Israel is to be worshipped as the biblical fulfillment of Abraham's children, Johnson made "getting vaccines into arms" one of his top priorities during the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) "pandemic."
    On Feb. 24, 2021, just after they had been unleashed by the administration of former President Donald Trump via Operation Warp Speed, Johnson tweeted this about what his primary focus was at that time:
    "Our three biggest priorities when it comes to providing COVID-19 relief should be:
    • getting schoolchildren back to school
    • getting workers back to work
    • getting vaccines into arms."
    Over the years, Johnson also pulled a few stunts that conservatives happen to like, which are the choice tidbits the right-leaning media is now publishing about him to try to garner support, including his once-call for former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to be arrested.
    On the other hand, Johnson admitted on March 12, 2022, that he was successfully wooed by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to change his position on America supporting Ukraine from no to yes.
    "President Zelenskyy presented to us a moving address in a rare joint session of Congress this morning," Johnson swooned. "America stands with Ukraine."
    Rep. Johnson is just more of the same: Israel first, America LAST

    It cannot be overstated, though, that in Johnson's Feb. 24, 2021, tweet about "getting vaccines into arms," he excoriated the Democrats for not using more American taxpayer dollars to force that to happen.

    "Yet, the Democrat spending package doesn't prioritize any of this," Johnson complained about how his three-pillared approach to COVID, which included mass-jabbing Americans, was actually not supported to the same degree by Democrats as it was by Johnson himself.
    As his first act of "representation" for the American people, Johnson says he plans to sign legislation to send billions more American taxpayer dollars to Israel, which already receives billions of dollars in "aid" (welfare payments) from the U.S. every single year regardless of which major political party is in power at the time.
    "The country demands strong leadership of this body," Johnson proclaimed falsely about what the American people want (hint: Americans want their hard-earned money to stay here to help their own families and communities, not to get sent over to the Middle East to prop up the murderous and oppressive regime known as "Israel.")
    "The first bill that I'm going to bring to this floor, in just a little while, will be in support of our dear friend Israel," Johnson proudly announced before Congress while assuming his newly appointed position.
    "We're overdue in getting that done. We're going to show not only Israel, but the entire world, that the barbarism of Hamas that we have all seen play out on our television screens is wretched and wrong. And we're going to stand for the good in that conflict."
    At the time in the 2021-2022 session when Johnson tweeted about "getting vaccines into arms" and complaining that Democrats were not supportive, Johnson's top contributor (briber) was the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.
    "It's clear House Speaker Mike Johnson has zero qualms sending American taxpayer dollars to Israel," reports. "However, it remains unclear if he wants to send more money to Ukraine."
    "I don't trust him because he's a Zionist evangelical," one commenter wrote about Johnson. "Just because people claim to be Christians doesn't mean it's so! It's in their doctrine, so pay attention to what they say and believe."
    America's government has been infiltrated with Israel-firsters like Rep. Johnson who could not care less about the American people they supposedly represent. Learn more at
    Sources for this article include:

    New GOP House Speaker Rep. Mike Johnson, an Israel-first Republican, made “getting vaccines into arms” one of his top priorities during COVID, records show –
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