New JAMA study shows that neither COVID jabs nor flu shots reduce risk of hospitalization

10/22/2023 // Ethan Huff // 1.9K Views

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The federal Veterans Administration (VA) published a study recently that aimed to show the benefits of getting "vaccinated" for both seasonal influenza and the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). The only problem is that the paper "accidentally" showed the exact opposite.
Instead of helping to reduce one's risk of hospitalization, flu shots and COVID jabs have no positive effect at all, the paper, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found.
Clocking in with more than 100,000 views, as of this writing, the study looked at the risk of death in VA patients hospitalized for COVID versus the flu between Oct. 1, 2022, and March 2, 2023. The average age of those looked at in the two groups were 71 and 73, respectively.
Between Oct. 1, 2022, and Jan. 31, 2023, all enrolled study participants had been admitted to the hospital with either COVID or the flu – but not both. The study intentionally excluded patients who tested positive for both infections, though many of the individuals who were enrolled had taken both COVID and flu shots.
The study looked at hospitalization rates and death rates between the two groups. What the researchers found is that there was no statistical significance in death benefit between those who receive one or two doses of the shots versus those who are unvaccinated – though the paper did not specifically point this out.
"This is a big deal," writes Steve Kirsch on his Substack. "[I]f you were vaccinated with the primary series vs. unvaccinated, they found NO STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT DEATH BENEFIT."

"At the very best, the benefit was 2.32/1.66 which works out to 40% fewer deaths, but the numbers were simply too small to say it was better (the error bars overlapped by 50%). "
As for the "boosted" vs. the unvaccinated, the 95 percent error bars almost touched, which allowed scientists to claim that its 95 percent likely that boosted people died less after being admitted to the hospital and catching COVID – though there is still that 5 percent chance that there is no difference at all.
"But remember that if you get boosted and are still alive, there is selection bias," Kirsch further points out.
(Related: Earlier this year, the National Institutes of Health [NIH] launched testing on a new universal mRNA flu shot made from gene-editing ingredients.)
To this very day, there has still not been a single study published that looks at unvaccinated outcomes from January 2020 compared to vaccinated outcomes today

As for what the study did not point out, nor did it track, is a randomly selected cohort of people from January 2020 before COVID was even an official "pandemic." Had this been done using a time series analysis, it would have shown how the vaccinated performed, compared to the unvaccinated, in terms of death.
"They never seem to want to do these studies for some reason," Kirsch says. "I wonder why?"
"If you want to prove the vaccine works or not, that's the way to do it. Why hasn't anyone done this? Could it be that such a study would expose a result that no journal would publish?"
Another glaring non-admission in the study that can be gathered by looking at the data with probing eyes is the fact that there is absolutely no hospitalization benefit to getting vaccinated, either. In other words, getting jabbed for COVID and the flu provides zero benefit in terms of avoiding a hospital visit or dying prematurely – so why get jabbed at all?
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