New Obamacare Site Administrator is a Central Figure in IRS Scandal

Posted by: Steven Ahle Posted date: October 25, 2013 In: News

Jeffrey Zients, who is now the go to guy on fixing the Obamacare website as an employee of Quality Software Services Inc., which is owned by United Health, the nation’s 5th largest insurance company. Mr Obama knows Zients well. Zients took over for Jack Lew in the Office of Budget and Management, but abruptly resigned and took an extended vacation in South Africa, after it became known Darrell Issa and his panel wanted to talk to him.

Perhaps you will understand it better if I started at the beginning and walked you through it.
On April 23rd, 2012, William Wilkins, Chief Counsel for the IRS, an Obama appointee met with Obama and 11 others for over 5 hours. The following day the head of the IRS, Doug Shulman, was summoned to the White House to meet with Jeffrey Zients. The following day, April 25,2012, Shulman laid down new procedures dealing with Tea party applications for tax exempt status. Career IRS lawyer, Carter Hull was ordered to send all Tea Party applications to the chief counsel’s office. Coincidence?
When Issa summoned Zients to testify, he was no longer with the White House and was “out of the country.”
He was finally located in South Africa, where he was enjoying a long vacation as a man with 200 million dollars might do.
Now he makes a reappearance and he nails a large contract for the company he now works for. Now, if I were a suspicious man, I might say this stunk of graft and corruption with a large measure of cronyism thrown into the mix. Good thing I’m not the suspicious kind.