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    New York: Albany County Staging Attack on Ammunition Sales

    Things seem to be accelerating at lighting speed ever since Obama took office. A few scary news reports coming out of upstate NY.

    First the mayor (who recently had a visit with Obama), mentions the possibilty of martial law - ... artial.htm

    And now this!

    National Rifle Association of America
    Press release
    March 20, 2009

    At Monday night’s meeting of the Albany County Legislature, Legislators PhillipSteck (D), Douglas Bullock (D) and Wanda Willingham (D) introduced Local Law “A

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    Ammunition restrictions

    If these ammo registrations have been repealed at the federal level then how can these local yokels make a law that supersedes it. I suggest everybody (even those who do not own firearms) buy a reasonable amount of ammo. Enough to share with other patriots in case we have to show these scumbags out. As for the yokel politicos, they should be thrown out on their rumps and I hope they bounce when they hit.

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