New Zealand whistleblower who courageously exposed data on COVID vaccines killing citizens now faces a 7 year prison sentence

12/10/2023 // Lance D Johnson // 1K Views

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A New Zealand whistleblower, who exposed the mortality rate from individual COVID-19 vaccine lots, was arrested and faces an aggressive government retribution scheme that seeks to silence and punish him.
Journalist Liz Gunn was first to interview the whistleblower, whose name is Barry Young. He worked for the New Zealand government and had access to vaccine-related data from providers across the country. When he noticed that people were dying after vaccination, he decided to publicize the data.
This act of bravery has been met with cruel acts of totalitarianism. The Young's home has been raided by police; he has been arrested; and the New Zealand government forced an injunction that “prevents any publication of the data.” The Employment Relations Authority of New Zealand also reports that Barry Young has had all of his access to the projects system removed. He now faces a 7 year prison sentence. As of December 3rd, journalist Liz Gunn is sounding the alarm, calling for a “global effort” to get this story out.
New Zealand government trying to coverup crimes against humanity from COVID-19 vaccines

During the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines and medical tyranny, the government of New Zealand established a public health agency called Te Whatu Ora. On July 1, 2022, this agency replaced the country’s 20 district health boards (DHBs), effectively nationalizing management of healthcare services in New Zealand. The new agency consolidates the DHB’s combined work force of 80,000, and is allotted an annual operating budget of NZ $20?billion.
While the Ministry of Health sets health policy, strategy, and regulation, Te Whatu Ora is tasked with things like providing a vaccine payment system for medical providers across the country.
These agencies have immense power over people's lives, are financially tied to the corruption inside the pharmaceutical industry, and provide a revolving door between government regulators, policy makers, and an unaccountable vaccine industry. Could this new government agency be running a coverup operation for the vaccine industry, as they injure and kill untold numbers of people with so-called safe and effective vaccines?
New Zealand government goes after courageous whistleblower

Whistleblower Barry Young disclosed government data on individual vaccine lots. According to the data, a shocking proportion of individuals have died shortly after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. After going public with the data, the New Zealand government raided his home. Young now faces a seven-year prison sentence for exposing the mortality data after COVID-19 vaccination taken directly from Te Whatu Ora.
Young broke down the data according to vaccine batch. Most of the batches studied were from Pfizer. The first batch consisted of 711 vaccinated individuals. Young claims that 152 (21%) of these individuals died soon after taking the shots. Another healthcare provider administered 621 doses. Of those, 104 (17%) of the vaccinated individuals died soon thereafter. During his interview with Gunn, the whistleblower said, “This should never happen, the percentage who die from what would be a normal vaccination administration would be 0.75 percent.”
Barry was one of the architects of the system that tracked vaccine-related data for the government. When he recognized that people were dying a week after being vaccinated, he decided to download and share the data with the world. Instead of being honored for exposing these atrocities, Barry Young now faces a corrupt communist government that seeks to punish him for his honesty and courage.
The government is charging Young with accessing a government computer system for “dishonest purposes.” The corrupt prosecutors are accusing him of spreading “misinformation” and opposed his release on bail. He faces a seven year prison sentence for telling the truth.
Since the story got out, Barry was received supported in court and has been released from jail. In an interview after his release, Barry defended the data and said, "The government needs to listen to the people. What has happened is wrong...These things need to be looked at. They can put me in jail. They can cage me, but they can never cage the truth."
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New Zealand whistleblower who courageously exposed data on COVID vaccines killing citizens now faces a 7 year prison sentence –