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    Newark Mayor: Turn In Gun Owners For $1,000

    Newark Mayor: Turn In Gun Owners For $1,000

    January 13, 2012 by Sam Rolley

    Newark is offering a $1,000 reward to turn in gun owners.

    Newark, N.J., Mayor Corey Booker wants people to report their neighbors to law enforcement if they are exercising their 2nd Amendment rights.

    The Mayor hopes to incentivize people to snitch on gun-owning neighbors by offering a $1,000 reward for every report that leads to an illegal firearm arrest.

    “We as individuals have to do something about it. So we have a program in our city right now that is completely anonymous and we will give you cash— $1000 to anyone who calls our anonymous tip-line. Give us the information about who is carrying a gun, we don’t even have to have a conviction. If we arrest that individual and simply get that gun off the streets.” Booker said in a commercial announcing the program, which you see below.

    The Newark program is seemingly modeled after the Federal “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign that enlists everyday citizens to be government spies.

    Turn in your neighbor for owning a gun....get $1000 REWARD in Newark, NJ - YouTube

    Newark Mayor: Turn In Gun Owners For $1,000 : Personal Liberty Digest™=
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    What an idiot and a traitor. Remember this guy when the Restoration Trials begin.

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    Carrying an illegal gun? What is an "illegal gun" in Newark NJ? I really don't feel comfortable with how this guy did not clarify what an "illegal gun" was and seeing a politician in a suit waiving around taxpayer money like a used car salesman was disturbing.


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    Well, obviously he is trying to target the ILLEGAL GUN OWNERS and Gangs in this video, but maybe a better idea would be to allow More CHL licenses to those who pass the test!
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