No, Nancy Pelosi, terminating lives isn’t healthcare

Rep. Jody Hice 20 hrs ago

There has been a wave of fearmongering and scare tactics from the Left since Texas passed the Heartbeat Act, which allows an individual or organization to sue a doctor for performing an abortion if an unborn baby has a heartbeat or if the physician fails to check for one. Those on the Left have decried this as an all-out assault on their constitutional rights and healthcare. But these talking points, no matter how many times Democrats repeat them, deny a crucial point: Abortion is evil, and it certainly cannot be classified as healthcare.

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According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of healthcare is "efforts made to maintain or restore physical, mental, or emotional well-being, especially by trained and licensed professionals." As stated, healthcare professionals are tasked with the vital job of caring for lives — not destroying them. Abortion denies this. Its sole aim is to terminate lives, not save them, while posing numerous (even life-threatening) risks to the mother.

The aggressive pro-abortion lobby has put the health and safety of women on the back burner time and time again, but its latest scheme — by-mail, at-home abortion drugs — is on a whole different level. No matter how hard the lobbyists try and spin it, it’s sinister and dangerous. These drugs are designated as high-risk by the Food and Drug Administration, which until recently required that a physician be present when a woman takes these drugs. However, the abortion lobby, along with President Joe Biden’s FDA, erased this critical medical safeguard, allowing women to take these high-risk drugs at home, by themselves, without a doctor.
While Biden and congressional Democrats celebrate these so-called “advances” in “women’s healthcare” that actively threaten mothers’ lives, let’s not forget that any form of abortion is always a threat to the baby.
One of the most glaring problems with the debate about abortion is that both sides often talk past each other, with no mention from the Left as to what abortion really is. They’re too caught up in maintaining their own “woke” talking points to admit it.
From conception, each baby created is a unique life, with DNA distinct from the mother. They have their own God-given human dignity and constitutionally guaranteed right to life. Abortion is a direct denial of this reality. To Democrats, these unborn children aren’t even worth acknowledging.
Eliminating an innocent human life is despicable. It’s ugly, and abortion is no exception. Its advocates all too conveniently leave out the gruesome details of abortion procedures used to dispose of the unborn child. They do this on purpose.
It should be unconscionable in a modern and free society that unborn babies are put through vacuums or dismembered inside the womb. It should be unimaginable that our own Health and Human Services secretary refused to commit to upholding the law that bans the barbaric practice of partial-birth abortions.
These procedures happen after the unborn baby has a heartbeat, after he or she develops pain receptors, and after the baby has arms, legs, fingers, and toes. There can be no doubt that the child in the womb is a distinct, valuable human being. Abortion should be condemned to the highest degree, all while the Left proudly waves its false flag of “abortion rights.”
And it should be inconceivable for a governor to support and defend born-alive abortions. It’s infanticide, no matter how you spin it.
This week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called for a vote on H.R. 3755, the so-called Women’s Health Protection Act of 2021. If enacted, this legislation would allow abortions for any reason and at any time right up to birth. It’s abortion on demand!
H.R. 3755 would force medical professionals to perform or participate in abortion procedures, regardless of their deeply held religious beliefs. In fact, in one of its first lines, the bill boldly claims that “abortion services are essential to health care.”
True healthcare protects both the life of the mother and the life of her unborn child. The procedure of abortion is to remove a human life, and Democrats claim that a practice that ends innocent lives is healthcare.
I have dedicated much of my life to defending the rights of the unborn, and I promise always to stand strong in the fight to protect those without a voice. Life is a fundamental and indispensable right gifted to every single human being — not from the government, but from God.
Jody Hice represents Georgia’s 10th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

No, Nancy Pelosi, terminating lives isn’t healthcare (