No surprise here: United Kingdom confirms its commitment to WHO’s PANDEMIC TREATY that’s engineered to enslave the world

01/30/2024 // Ava Grace // 1.1K Views

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The United Kingdom has confirmed that it is committed to the globalist World Health Organization's (WHO) pandemic treaty – one step closer toward medical martial law.
Downing Street, under the leadership of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, reiterated this commitment in a "national statement" sent on Jan. 22 to the WHO's Executive Board in Geneva. The British government expressed support toward WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus' goal for the world to agree to this pandemic treaty.
"The U.K. underlines [its] commitment to agreement of a new Pandemic Accord and targeted amendments of the International Health Regulations," the statement said. It added that these two edicts will "ensure our preparedness for future health threats with stronger prevention, and response, whilst respecting national sovereignty."
But both the accord and the amendments do not respect national sovereignty at all. A petition signed by more than 156,000 Britons called for the government "to commit to not signing any international treaty on pandemic prevention and preparedness established by the W.H.O., unless this is approved through a public referendum." Unfortunately, this was simply brushed off.
Tedros himself has previously stressed that the instruments within the Pandemic Treaty should be "legally binding." However, he debunked claims that the global health body will be able to overrule national governments of member states in imposing lockdowns or other restrictions, calling such claims "absolutely false."
Tedros calls for nations to expedite ratification of Pandemic Treaty

Meanwhile, the WHO head remarked on Jan. 22 that the Pandemic Treaty faces a lot of roadblocks. He called for nations to expedite its ratification, but lamented that its momentum has been slowed down by both by entrenched positions and "a torrent of fake news, lies, and conspiracy theories."
"Time is very short, and there are several outstanding issues that remain to be resolved," Tedros told the WHO's Executive Board in Geneva. Failure to do so, he added, would be "a missed opportunity for which future generations may not forgive us."
The Ethiopian public health official reiterated that the Pandemic Treaty will serve as "strong agreement that will help to protect our children and grandchildren from future pandemics." He added: "We cannot allow this historic agreement, this milestone in global health, to be sabotaged."
According to Breitbart News, "Tedros has argued that more global cooperation will be necessary to confront what has been dubbed 'Disease X' – a catchall phrase for a yet unidentified 'serious international epidemic.'" (Related: Disease X and fear mongering.)
But concerns about ceding authority to the WHO remain, given its poor performance during the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It failed to heed early warnings from Taiwan, wasting critical time that could have been used to contain SARS-CoV-2 locally in China.
The global health body also initially spread propaganda from Communist China that there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission of the virus, an issue that further delayed the response to the outbreak in Wuhan. It is ironic, then, that Tedros is complaining about the same "lies" he pushed during the COVID-19 pandemic's initial days. A draft of the proposed Pandemic Treaty from October states that member nations seek to "combat false, misleading, misinformation or disinformation, including through effective international collaboration and cooperation."
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No surprise here: United Kingdom confirms its commitment to WHO’s PANDEMIC TREATY that’s engineered to enslave the world –