North Korean defector sold as sex slave for $200 warns Americans against the “woke” revolution

Wednesday, February 15, 2023 by: Ethan Huff
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(Natural News) When 29-year-old Yeonmi Park, a North Korean defector, finally escaped the human trafficking syndicate that bought her as a child for $200, she thought she would find freedom in the United States. What she found instead was a different kind of hell in the form of the leftist “woke” revolution.
In her new book “While Time Remains,” Park, who attended Columbia University, reveals the utter shock she felt upon learning that her uppity leftist classmates somehow saw themselves as “victims.”
“They were in Manhattan, living in the freest country you can imagine, and they’re saying they’re oppressed?” It doesn’t even compute,” Park told the New York Post about her experience at Columbia.
“I was sold for $200 as a sex slave in the 21st century under the same sky. And they say they’re oppressed because people can’t follow their pronouns they invent every day?”
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If leftists completely take over America, it will become no better than North Korea

By pronouns, Park is of course talking about the transgender cult and its endless merry-go-round of “gender identities” and other such nonsense. That some Americans consider not being referred to by their preferred pronouns as “oppression” came as a serious shock to Park.
One of only 200 North Koreans currently living in the U.S., Park officially became an American citizen last year after eight years of living in the country with her family. She first escaped North Korea in 2007 and has since become a target for Pyongyang.
In her home country, Park has been censured and labeled a “poisonous mushroom” and a “human rights propaganda puppet.” Park has responded to these allegations by stating that she is glad the authoritarian regime “feel[s] threatened” by her voice.
Before attending Columbia, Park thought she found freedom in the U.S. After three years of study there, however, she discovered that modern America is simply a different kind of hell from the one she escaped.
This hell is governed by Marxist revolutionaries who want to stamp out the freedom that Park and hundreds of millions of others hold dear and replace it with the kind of tyranny she thought she would never again have to face.
“I escaped hell on earth and walked across the desert in search of freedom, and found it,” Park’s book reads. “I don’t want anything bad ever to happen to my new home … I want us – need us – to keep the darkness at bay.”
“I need your help to save our country, while time remains.”
In 2015, Park wrote her debut novel, “In Order to Live,” which compares the environment at Columbia to that of North Korea. She described Columbia as a “pure indoctrination camp,” which is not what she expected.
Instead of being taught to think critically, Park says she was “forced to think” a certain way by Columbia’s left-wing faculty members. Park also criticized her fellow classmates, stating that they are “brainwashed like North Korean students are.”
“I never understood that not having a problem can be a problem,” she wrote. “They need to make injustice out of thin air or a problem out of nowhere, because they haven’t experienced anything like what other people are facing in the world.”
In North Korea, Park says, citizens are divided up into 51 different classes based on their bloodlines. Those whose blood is “tainted” or whose ancestors were “oppressive” are denigrated and pushed to the bottom – sound familiar?
“That’s how the regime divided people,” she adds. “An individual doesn’t matter. It’s all about your ancestors and the collective.”
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North Korean defector sold as sex slave for $200 warns Americans against the “woke” revolution –