Not shy, Ted Nugent doubles down on ‘dead or in jail’ statement (AUDIO)

4/10/13 | by Chris Callahan

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At last year’s National Rifle Association annual convention Ted Nugent grabbed the nation’s attention (as well as the Secret Service) when he said, “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”

Well The Nuge is still alive and kicking and he has doubled down on his statement in an interview with NRA News’ Cam and Co:

EDWARDS: You look at what is going on now with the U.S. Senate. They still don’t have the votes for the so-called universal background check bill and that’s a very good thing because this bill is awful. I mean we might as well call this the Ban Ted Nugent Act of 2013. Do you realize, Ted, that under the language right now, any time somebody went to your ranch and you loaned them a gun to do some hunting or to do some plinking that would be a five year felony?

NUGENT: Sure. Well that’s why. I mean come on. And I know that the moderates, by the way if you are a moderate we’d like to thank you for standing up for nothing. If you’re a moderate I suppose you would have been playing poker while Davy Crockett was on the wall of the Alamo. It’s time to take a side.

That’s why I said almost a year ago, Cam, and people recoiled in horror. And I know it caught a lot of my friends off guard, when I said if this America-hater, if this freedom-hater, if this enemy of America becomes the president again I’ll either be dead or in jail. And remember when I was on the stage with you and some people chuckled?


NUGENT: So we find humor in a disastrous statement from a guy who is on the frontlines, who has been in the frontlines of the war against gun ownership for at least forty-plus years. So it’s funny that I might be dead or in jail. And that is so indicative of how callous and disconnected some are, because you are talking about arbitrary, punitive, capricious draconian felonies.

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