Notice to Congress: This is your crisis of the making!

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by Arnie Rosner

Why is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff allowing a usurper to the office of President to stand?

(Dec. 11, 2010) — It is hard to believe that the courageous men and women of our military are simply standing by idle when this longstanding series of direct attacks against them is carried out by members of the 111th Congress and the illicit Obama regime, attacks orchestrated in various forms of legislation and election abuses. Even more disturbing is the apparent lack of support among the senior officers.

* Col. Terry Lakin
* Deprived of voting rights
* Unjust persecution of military personnel on duty
* Deprived of protection under the Geneva Convention

Conspicuous by his absence in defending his troops…at least in my opinion, Admiral Mullen, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. They all seem to have turned their backs on those for whom they are responsible. While not knowing this for certain, I get the sense the troops are very disappointed in the recent turn of events. And who could blame them….

Is it not bad enough that all of you, members of the 111th Congress, have permitted an illegal alien to invade the White House, subvert the government and now proceed to ruthlessly attack our valiant troops.

* Is it not bad enough that the same regime has seen fit to attack the Pendleton 8?

* Is it not bad enough that the same group of people has seen fit to attack our Navy Seals?

* Is it not bad enough that the same cadre has seen fit to attack the Leavenworth 10?

* Is it not bad enough that the same criminals demean our American heroes?

* Is it no bad enough that those in the field of battle do not have the legal protection afforded them by the Geneva Convention because none of you, in Congress, or any members within the military chain of command know for certain that the usurper is legally eligible to act as the commander-in-chief?

As members of Congress, each of you must answer the following questions:

* Why does this regime continue to launch deplorable attacks on these honorable military personnel?

* Are they the ones still perceived as loyal to the Constitution?

* Are they the only ones who might be seen to protect the rights of the people?

* Are they the only ones who might maintain the rule of law?

* Is there any real justice left in America?

Do you suppose Obama is deliberately seeking to demoralize those who might just stand between his accomplishing his dictatorial plans and those who might offer credible resistance, resistance by the same people who brought about the slap in his face in November of 2010? Let me ask you to hold that thought while I address another issue of grave concern.

All of you in the 111th Congress have brought great disgrace upon the American system of government. All of you had the opportunity to stop the illegal coup that has been accomplished by the communist elements within your Congress and led by Obama, Reid and Pelosi. And all of you failed in your responsibility and your duty to honor your sacred oath to protect the Constitution and the rights of the American people.

Speaking just for myself, I will tell you I will never forgive you for this outrageous and disloyal act of treason. The entire 111th Congress is complicit in this heinous crime against the American people.

Many of us told you of this problem and more than once! And you all still chose to ignore our demands for investigation. Others in government also ignored our demands for investigation. Not one man or woman in government rose to the challenge. Well, save one…a military officer…one American hero who had the strength of character to do the right thing. Only one of a handful of men in America, I might add, who demonstrated the moral strength and the courage of not just one lion but the courage of a pride of lions, Lt. Col. Terry Lakin.

Just as millions of other Americans, Col. Lakin had also recognized the failure of the 111th Congress to perform their basic responsibilities to protect the Constitution and the rights of the American people. However, Col. Lakin, being of sterner stuff…the right stuff, to be precise, after careful deliberation, decided to do the right thing.

Col. Lakin made the courageous decision to deliberately place his entire being in harm’s way on behalf of a grateful nation. Having served on multiple occasions in active combat, this was not the first time he had done so. And for similar reasons as well…once more, for no other reason than his love of country. Col. Lakin has put himself on the line, and many of us as fellow Americans intend to stand by him shoulder to shoulder. After all, it is the right thing to do!

I also expect many of his comrades in arms to do the same thing. Comrades who, up to this minute, have patently displayed remarkable restraint! Members of America’s finest all waiting to see just how the organization they too serve will deal with this matter.

Already the incredibly stupid ruling by the judge placing the possible “embarrassment