NUGENT: Zimmerman should sue Trayvonís parents

by Ted Nugent
Posted: July 17, 2013 12:59 pm

You canít be ďsort ofĒ a rhythm-and-blues grinding guitar slayer. You either kill or you arenít. If you arenít, youíre a hopelessly white guitar player who has paid for too many guitar lessons and not listened to enough Howliní Wolf and Chuck Berry music. The same goes for freedom: You are either a free man or you arenít. Unless youíre George Zimmerman.

George Zimmerman is thankfully and rightfully not facing any jail time for legally defending himself, but he is far from a free man.

In addition to looking over his shoulder the rest of his life for racist goons looking to cause him harm, Mr. Zimmerman may also face some trumped-up civil-rights charge by the most corrupt and racist attorney general in the history of the nation. Mr. Zimmerman may also face a wrongful-death civil suit brought by Trayvon Martinís family, who refuse to admit their son was a troublemaker who brought about his own demise.

While there is little he can do to protect himself from a civil-rights charge by our gun-running, pro-New Black Panthers attorney general, Mr. Zimmerman may have some legal room to move regarding a wrongful death lawsuit by Trayvon Martinís family. George Zimmerman should consider suing Trayvon Martinís parents.

The narrative being spun by any number of media pundits, race-baiters and various excuse-makers is that Mr. Zimmerman shot down an unarmed minor. Although he was found not guilty of second-degree murder or manslaughter, letís follow the narrative of those who believe Mr. Zimmerman killed a minor. And they are right, he did. Trayvon Martin was a minor at the time of this death. The basis for Zimmermanís lawsuit should be that minor Trayvon Martin viciously attacked him causing great bodily harm and threatening his life, which resulted in Mr. Zimmerman defending himself and shooting Martin.

Trayvon Martinís vicious attack on George Zimmerman and Martinís tragic death have no doubt surely dragged Mr. Zimmerman through 18 months of untold emotional hell, pain, distress, anguish, fatigue, nightmares and financial ruin. Again, following the narrative of the pro-Trayvon media types and other race-baiters, if Trayvon Martin was a minor, then Trayvon Martinís parents may be held liable for the emotional pain and suffering Mr. Zimmerman has been put through for the past 18 months, and surely for the rest of his life.

Parents can be held responsible for the actions of their minor-age children until the children reach the age of majority (meaning adulthood), which is exactly why Mr. Zimmerman should explore filing a lawsuit against Martinís parents. The age of majority in Florida is 18-years-old. Trayon Martin was 17-years-old when he attacked Mr. Zimmerman, which potentially means that Trayvonís parents may possibly be held responsible for the stress, emotional pain and anguish their son caused George Zimmerman.

Iím just your simple Motor City guitar player, and generally despise lawyers and all of their bureaucratic layers or legal maneuvering, but Mr. Zimmerman should hire a legal shark to determine if he has grounds to sue Trayvon Martinís parents for the actions of their son.