Nun decapitated; Christian persecution deemed close to “international definition of genocide”

Jun 2, 2019 9:55 am By Christine Douglass-Williams 14 Comments

Fox News did a report HERE which stated that Christian persecution is “close to” reaching the “international definition of genocide”. The Fox video report is included in the current news article by the UK Express: “Horror after nun DECAPITATED in brutal attack“….
A Catholic nun was decapitated in a brutal attack during two weeks of violence in the Central African Republic [CAR] which has killed at least 30 people.
A UN source said the murders were carried out by a group called 3R, “which hosted a meeting with the villagers and then gunned them down indiscriminately. The group takes its initials from three words in French meaning Return, Reclamation and Reconciliation. It claims to represent the Fulani jihadist militia, one of the CAR’s many ethnic groups.”
The head of “3R” is Bi Sidi Souleymane, also known as Sidiki. In globally recognized government political posturing style:
Communications Minister Ange-Maxime Kazagui, in a joint press conference with the UN, said “the government joins MINUSCA in demanding that Mr Sidiki arrest those responsible for this massacre within 72 hours, or else be held responsible for these acts”.
It should be recognized that Jihadist warmonger Sidiki — who is leader of the 3R group claiming to represent Fulani jihadists — will not demand the arrest of those responsible for decapitating the nun and murdering at least 30 innocents; he will in fact celebrate it. “Only Boko Haram, Isis, and al-Shabab were deemed deadlier” than Fulani jihadists, the latter often referred to as “herdsmen“. Sidiki was also assigned as “a special military advisor to the Simplice Sarandji, the Prime Minister of Central African Republic” during a bogus ‘peace agreement’ between warring factions. This scenario is reminiscent of the kind of so-called ‘peace agreements‘ signed with Hamas, which merely allows the latter to regroup and launch their jihadist offensives yet again. Stalling tactics are a strategy for stealth and violent jihadists.
Westerners have a tendency to focus on Christians domestically, but to give a comparative glimpse: “Iraq Christian Relief Council president Juliana Taimoorazy says that one out of nine Christians across the world are being persecuted.” This atrocity is being ignored and so is the stark reality that Islamic persecution against Christians is the primary problem.
Islamic supremacists waging their global jihad is driven underground via loud shouts of “Islamophobia”. While Muslims continue to victimize innocents globally, Westerners are being fooled into thinking that Muslims are the primary victims. Muslim victimization is primarily from their coreligionists where over 11 million Muslims have been murdered by Muslims since 1948. Not even 1400 years of jihad could convince the willfully blind about the nature of the jihad war on terror. The general Western public is being duped, and Western leaders are selling their principles to buy votes at the polls.
A priest in France was also decapitated (during mass to boot) less than three years ago; but the French population — along with most others — have ‘forgotten’. Leftists and Islamic supremacists do not let anyone forget the tragic but isolated killings of Muslims, but they do however ignore the murder of Muslims by fellow Muslims, and the mass murders of infidels by Muslims.
No-one can claim to represent human rights and ‘tolerance’ and ignore such blatant abuses.

“Christianity crackdown: Horror after nun DECAPITATED in brutal attack”, by Rachel Russell, Express,

June 1, 2019:
A CATHOLIC NUN was decapitated in a brutal attack during two weeks of violence in the Central African Republic which has killed at least 30 people.
The attacks took place near the town of Paoua, near the border with Chad, this week. A UN spokesperson believes a group called 3R are responsible. They are said to have called a meeting for people in the villages surrounding Paoua, but then killed those who showed up.
Sister Ines Nieves Sancho was killed nearly two weeks ago in the town of Nola in southwest CAR.
She had lived in the area for a long time and worked with impoverished women and young girls.
It has not been confirmed who carried out her beheading.
But local authorities are not linking her death with current sectarian violence between Muslim and Christian militias, according to the Washington Post.
It is instead believed her death was part of an attempt to make money.
Sectarian violence has been devastating the country since 2012.
The violence began when Francois Bozize, who was president at the time, was ousted in a coup.
Many churches have tried to help villagers who are both of Christian and Islamic faith…..