Obama’s EPA Eyes New Rules That Would Ban Firework Displays & Celebrations

By Eric Odom
1 6:02 pm July 1, 2014

The Environmental Protection Agency is working overtime to take more control of America, our way of life, our resources, and now… our Independence Day celebrations. Indeed, Obama’s EPA is proposes ridiculous new rules that would essentially ban fireworks and displays that occur near any type of waterway in America.
Via The Hill.
The rules require that the EPA and Army Corps approve any project that might pollute the protected waterways already under their jurisdiction, keeping in place exemptions for farming, ranching and forestry practices.
But the 10 signatories claim the proposal would encourage environmental groups to challenge firework displays at lakes and recreational water areas legally.
Think it can’t happen? Unfortunately it’s already happening. The EPA is already killing off fireworks in certain areas. The new rules would simply allow them greater power and broader ability to ban them on a much wider scale.
In California, the Lake Murray July 4 fireworks show has been canceled three consecutive years due to litigation uncertainty, the letter states.
Legal uncertainty is something the new rules are expected to help clear up, according to the EPA.
At another California lake, officials came close to canceling the fireworks display this year in response to an environmental lawsuit, the letter adds.
Land of the free and home of the brave? Not so much.