Obama left-wing activism, racial profiling

Obama copycats Canadian Left on branding Cambridge police as racists

By Judi McLeod
Thursday, July 23, 2009

imageAmerican patriots could get a leg up on what makes President Barack Obama tick by following the trail of left-wing activism already forged on trumped up police racial profiling accusations in Canadian cities.

In fact the blueprint to demonize police by accusing them of racial profiling can be found right in the City of Toronto.

Accusing police of racial profiling is part of the left’s long march through traditional institutions, such as school boards, city councils, the news media, non-profit organizations and churches to name only a few.

That march has been ongoing in Canada for decades and it looks like the new president of the United States is now carrying the torch south of the border.

Obama, who would have scored rousing leftist cheers, was only repeating history last night when he said that police acted “stupidly