Obama and the Democrats are determined to cram this control machine of health care through

The Control tsunami is coming at warp speed

By Dr. Laurie Roth
Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The green slime health bill has cleared another hurdle and is on its way to the Senate floor. I see the Democrats used Republican senator, Olympia Snowe, for political cover. Isn’t that special? As if that move by Snowe or the Democrats will quiet the outrage of the American people!

Obama and the Democrats are determined to cram this control machine of health care through. Now there will be the work of combining all the ‘reform bills’ Baucus and other versions. Frankenstein is being put together as we speak……and it’s not the well-meaning Frankenstein of old movies.

Where the guts of this bill stands now

At this stage the Baucus Bill is the skeleton the other versions will most likely try and attach to while details escape most of us. Details escape us because this administration thinks it is a waste of time to communicate honestly with the public since we are too dumb to understand most of it. Oh yeah…….also since most of us are considered rude and must be silenced. I just heard on the news that Obama was meeting with lead Democrats in private regarding this bill. What a shock, secret planning.

The public option that this President and administration wants will lead to a single payer system sooner than later. The Government health plan wants total control of our health decisions and planning. It will do this by:

Having an enormous advantage as the Government option by controlling the rules, prices and ultimate treatment decisions. That means forcing Doctors and Hospitals to pay for abortions and work for prices, fees and salaries the Government demands.

By regulating and taxing private health insurance companies and employers who use them to death. Employers will eventually turn, due to the expense and hassle, to the Government run health option for employees. Private health insurance will be continuously demonized by the media and administration as something that has to be reigned in or destroyed. It is already happening to deflect the huge opposition to Obama and this plan. The consumer will pay as usual.

The federal plan as it stands now will require EVERYONE to buy health insurance and it won’t necessarily be the plan you or your family want or think would be best for you!

Abortions of every kind will be funded

Huge fines and even jail will be imposed for those who choose not to be covered by the Government’s version of health care. Covering your health needs with personal savings plans would be a ‘health’ violation and not good enough.

Our constitution is being totally violated with this bill and its versions so far. According to constitutional attorney Michael Connelly who has studied every page of it, it assaults the 4th, 5th, 9th and 10th amendments just for starters.

With a Government controlled health plan we all know that health has nothing to do with this but rather CONTROL OF OUR LIVES. They are trying to get control of our bank accounts, force a monthly Government health care payment of about $700 a month if you make gross $65,000 a year as a family. Let’s see how is this serving the needs of a typical family by forcing another $700 bill a month.

In the above scenario a family of 4 would roughly take home after taxes $3500 a month. Their bills could include:

$1500 for a mortgage payment
$300 utilities
$700 a month in food
$200 a month insurance
$350 a month in car payment
$400 gas to commute to work and school

In the above budget scenario, the $3500 is already gone but Obama would force a family at this level to spend another $700 a month or face fines and penalties. Where would they get the other $700 a month? I’m not saying that a family shouldn’t have health coverage or a crises plan of some type….of course. However, what about them doing the research and picking a plan they can afford, whether it be catastrophic care, a group plan, a savings plan or other. There are several health plans I know of just off the top of my head that would cover a family for 3-400 a month. Forget dealing with real budgets and exercising real freedom.

Health control that will really be: money and accounts control, gun control and population control
I predict:

Health control that will really be: money and accounts control, gun control and population control

1st amendment control: Manipulation of radio, TV, print and the Internet
This President and congress will push a draconian health care bill through, while at the same time Obama will push for more control and power over our 1st amendment rights by supporting the passing of Democrat, Jay Rockefeller’s bill S. 773 which would allow the President to seize control of private-sector networks on line during a “so called