Obama forgers admit they produced phony documents
By Jerome R. Corsi
© 2011 WND

This is the first in a series examining the role supporters of Barack Obama have played in forging fraudulent birth certificates..

NEW YORK – Radical supporters of Barack Obama have openly admitted to forging Obama birth certificates, going so far as to identify themselves by their usernames to claim responsibility on Internet blogs.

They have described their activities as satire, a tactic designed to deflect criminal charges that might otherwise be filed against them for producing fraudulent official government documents.

As WND has reported in a three-part series, published here, here, and here, scanner expert Doug Vogt has filed criminal charges with the FBI, alleging that the Obama birth certificate released by the White House April 27 was fraudulently created.
In this series of articles WND will examine Obama supporters whose history and involvement in forging Obama birth certificate documents makes them possible suspects in the alleged forgery of the birth document released by the White House.


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