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    Obama to Guest-Star on Discovery Channel’s ‘Swamp Logger

    Obama to Guest-Star on Discovery Channel’s ‘Swamp Loggers’
    Posted by Steve Grammatico Aug 5th 2010 at 6:01 am in Humor | Comments (26)

    Washington (AP) – In an interview last night on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360°, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs revealed that President Obama has taped an appearance for the season three premiere of Swamp Loggers, airing in early November. The Discovery Channel’s hit reality series follows a family-owned logging company plying their trade in all but inaccessible North Carolina wetlands.

    Partial transcript follows:

    COOPER: Swamp Loggers! Why?

    GIBBS: Well, Andy, when his poll numbers started heading south, the president decided he needed to reconnect with the American people. He figured he wouldn’t find them at Camp David or tony compounds on Martha’s Vineyard and the Maine coast.

    One day early this summer, he told me, “Bob, I just talked with John Kerry, and he said something that rocked me back on my heels. He said, “Mr. President, inside every demigod, every patrician, every politician, there’s a common man trying to get out.

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    i dont think goodson "wood" have have him on the show.

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