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    Obama Plans To Force Israel To Accept A Palestinian State With Jerusalem As The Capit

    Obama Plans To Force Israel To Accept A Palestinian State With Jerusalem As The Capital

    Posted on November 6, 2013 by Michael Snyder

    If Israel and the Palestinians do not agree on a “two state solution” by the end of this year, the Obama administration plans to propose its own solution and force it on the two sides in early 2014. For Obama, the goal is to have this agreement in place in time to influence the November 2014 mid-term elections. Unfortunately for Israel, the Palestinians have absolutely no incentive to move off of their current demands because Obama has been promising them a Palestinian state based on the pre-1967 borders with East Jerusalem as the capital since very early in his presidency. So the Palestinians have no motivation to negotiate in good faith since they already know that they are going to get what they want in the end anyway. Ultimately, Obama plans to force Israel to give up the West Bank, East Jerusalem and control over the Temple Mount in exchange for a “promise of peace” that is not even worth the paper that it will be printed on.

    When it comes to Israel, the arrogance that Obama is displaying is absolutely appalling. For example, Obama made the following statement about Israel earlier this year…
    “Israel doesn’t know what its own best interests are.”
    Oh, but Obama does?

    Not only does Obama believe that he knows what is best for Israel, he also plans to force them to do it.
    According to IDF Radio, the U.S. government plans to submit “its own solution” and force the two sides to agree to it if negotiations do not produce an agreement by the end of this year…
    The United States intends to try and force a peace agreement on Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA), IDF Radio reported Monday.
    The radio station says the US has informed Israel and the Palestinian Authority that if negotiations between them do not advance, Washington will propose its own solution, that will include a US position on every point that is in contention. In effect, according to the report, this will be an attempt to force the sides to agree on a solution formulated by the US.
    It is important to note that IDF radio is actually run by the Israeli military. This would not have been broadcast if the Israeli government had not approved the story.
    And the source for the story is actually the head of the left-wing Meretz party…
    MK Zehava Galon (Meretz) was quoted as saying Monday that senior US officials told her the US offer would be presented in January of 2014. PA sources also cited January as the month in which the US intends to propose, or impose, its plan.
    The US moves comes after three months of talks between the sides which have reportedly made very little headway.
    The US plan reportedly is similar to the Clinton outline, offered by President Bill Clinton in late 2000, which is based on an Israeli retreat to 1949 Armistice lines, and some swaps of territory.
    This report by IDF radio was also echoed by a report in the Jerusalem Post
    The head of the left-wing Meretz party, Zahava Gal-On, said Monday that the Obama administration is determined to achieve a major diplomatic breakthrough next year in the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, including arrangements for a final status agreement.
    “There will be a new diplomatic program, based on the pre-1967 lines with agreed land swaps,” Gal-On said in a statement after meeting with Palestinian and American officials on Monday morning.
    So why should the Palestinians negotiate?
    All they have to do is wait until early next year and they are going to get what they want anyway.
    Of course U.S. officials are issuing their typical denials. According to Reuters, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says that the U.S. does not plan to implement this kind of a plan “at this point in time”…
    At a news conference in Riyadh on Monday, Kerry said there was no such plan “at this point in time”. He has spoken publicly of possible U.S. bridging proposals if no major progress is made.
    But of course Kerry’s statement does not rule out that such a plan will be implemented early next year. And at this point it seems very clear that the current negotiations are going nowhere fast. The following is also from the Reuters report mentioned above…
    Israeli and Palestinian officials said on Tuesday the three-month-old peace talks pressed on them by Washington are going nowhere, painting a grim picture for a visit this week by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.
    For a long time, the Palestinians have been relying on the fact that the U.S. government has promised them that they will get a state based on pre-1967 borders. In fact, according to a Yahoo news article posted in July, a letter from Kerry guaranteeing this was what got the Palestinians back to the negotiating table in the first place…
    Israel’s pre-1967 borders will be the basis of renewed peace talks between Palestine and Israel, according to a letter U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry gave to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas which guaranteed the stipulation.
    After Abbas received the Kerry letter, he agreed to resume peace talks with Israel, two senior Palestinian officials said Saturday.
    And the biggest stumbling block in the negotiations is the status of Jerusalem. The Palestinians are absolutely determined not to agree to any solution that does not give them control over East Jerusalem. Unfortunately, the Israelis are not nearly as united in their determination not to give it up. In fact, according to the Times of Israel, there is a tremendous amount of discord inside the Israeli negotiating team over what to do about Jerusalem…
    Israel’s negotiating team in peace talks with the Palestinians is reportedly facing an internal disagreement on the issue of Jerusalem, with chief negotiator MK Tzipi Livni demonstrating a more flexible approach than that of lawyer Yitzhak Molcho, the special envoy appointed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
    In the end, Obama plans to give control over East Jerusalem and the Temple Mount to the Palestinians. The following is from a WND article from earlier this year…
    The Obama administration has quietly presented a plan in which the Palestinian Authority and Jordan will receive sovereignty over the Temple Mount while Israel will retain the land below the Western Wall, according to a senior PA negotiator speaking to WND.
    And this is not something that Obama came up with recently. The truth is that Obama has been planning this since early on in his presidency. The following is from a WND article all the way back in 2009
    President Obama and his administration told Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas during a meeting last week the U.S. foresees the creation of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, according to a top PA official speaking to WND.
    “The American administration was very friendly to the position of the PA,” said Nimer Hamad, Abbas’ senior political adviser.
    “Abu Mazen (Abbas) heard from Obama and his administration in a very categorical way that a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital is in the American national and security interest,” Hamad said.
    What Obama is trying to do is crystal clear, and Israel should immediately walk away from the negotiating table.
    Ultimately, nothing good is going to come out of these negotiations anyway. Any “peace guarantee” that Israel receives will only be temporary.
    Palestinian Authority Minister of Religious Affairs Mahmoud Al-Habbash made that abundantly clear during a recent sermon
    At the Friday Ramadan services, which were attended by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and broadcast on Palestinian television, Habbash explained to Muslim worshipers that Palestinian Authority officials “only through the wisdom of the leadership, conscious action, consideration, and walking the right path” are headed toward “achievement, exactly like the Prophet [Mohammad] did in the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah, even though some opposed it.”
    Palestinian Media Watch – an Israeli research institution that translates anti-Israel broadcasts in the Palestinian media – explains that the Hudaybiyyah peace treaty of 628 A.D. refers to “a 10-year truce that Mohammad, Islam’s Prophet, made with the Quraish Tribe of Mecca. However, two years into the truce, Mohammad attacked and conquered Mecca.”
    Are you starting to get the picture?
    The Palestinians don’t plan to establish a real, lasting peace with Israel. In fact, according to one survey two-thirds of all Palestinians believe that the eventual goal of the Palestinians must be “to get back all the land for a Palestinian state.”
    There is not going to be any solution to the “Jerusalem issue” any time soon even if a peace agreement is forced on Israel and the Palestinians. And this is precisely what the Bible said would happen in the last days. In Zechariah 12:3, we are warned that the city of Jerusalem will one day become a huge stumbling stone for the nations…
    “And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.“
    Is that not exactly what has happened?

    The entire world is trying to figure out what to do with Jerusalem. It truly is a “burdensome stone”.

    And the U.S. government should be very careful. That passage of Scripture also says that “all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces”.
    If the United States ends up forcing Israel to divide her land, will the U.S. also find itself divided and “cut in pieces”?
    That is a very sobering question.

    And it is also interesting to note that all of this is happening just as we are entering the blood red moon tetrad of 2014-2015.

    Other blood red moon tetrads throughout history have signaled times of great distress for the Jewish people.

    Will it be the same this time around?

    Michael T. Snyder is a former Washington D.C. attorney who now publishes The Truth. His new thriller entitled “The Beginning Of The End” is now available on

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    The D.C. Clothesline

    For anyone who has been watching John Kerry for the last several months, I don't think this is impossible and might very well be the plan. What do you think?

    I do not think it will work out well!!!

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    Israel Proposes Illegal Separation Wall as the Border of Future Palestinian State

    Shir Hever: Israel's proposal to annex more than 10% of the West Bank illustrates its rejection of International Law - 2 hours ago


    Shir Hever is an economic researcher in the Alternative Information Center, a Palestinian-Israeli organization active in Jerusalem and Beit-Sahour. Hever researches the economic aspect of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territory, some of his research topics include the international aid to the Palestinians and to Israel, the effects of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories on the Israeli economy, and the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaigns against Israel. His work also includes giving lectures and presentations on the economy of the occupation. He is a graduate student at the Freie Universität in Berlin, and researches the privatization of security in Israel. His first book: Political Economy of Israel’s Occupation: Repression Beyond Exploitation, was published by Pluto Press.

    JAISAL NOOR, TRNN PRODUCER: Welcome to The Real News Network. I'm Jaisal Noor in Baltimore. In news from the occupied Palestinian territories, Israeli negotiators are now demanding that Palestinians concede their future state border at the separation wall along the West Bank. Palestinians say this amounts to an illegal landgrab, as the separation wall crosses the internationally recognized 1967 Green Line. Almost 10 percent of the West Bank will remain in the west side of the barrier in Israel when construction of the wall is completed, according to the Israeli human rights group B'Tselem. Now joining us to discuss this is Shir Hever. He's an economic researcher at the Alternative Information Center, a Palestinian-Israeli organization active in Jerusalem and Beit Sahour. He's also the author of The Political Economy of Israel's Occupation: Repression Beyond Exploitation.Thanks you so much for joining us, Shir.SHIR HEVER, ECONOMIST, ALTERNATIVE INFORMATION CENTER: Thank you, Jaisal, for having me.NOOR: So, Shir, we wanted to get your response to this news. You know, it's long been suspected that Israel, you know, wants to annex most of the West Bank. But now they're saying they're going to take everything west of the barrier wall. So we want to get your response. And also, what's going to happen to the massive amounts of settlements that are on the other side of the barrier wall?HEVER: I think we should separate between reality and fiction. And the separation wall is reality, is something that has been built by Israel over the past 13 years. And I'm saying this not because they take a very long time to build a wall, but because they constantly move the wall. The wall is part of a policy used by Israel in order to confiscate Palestinian land, in order to separate between populations. And this is a reality which hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have to deal with every day when the wall prevents them from reaching their schools, reaching hospitals, reaching the workplaces or their lands. And, in fact, the wall, even though Israel calls it the security barrier officially, in a meeting in which I was present, the brigadier general Yair Golan, the former commander of the Israeli forces in the West Bank, told the people present that in fact the wall [was] not built in order to provide security. It was--his orders that he received from the Israeli government were that the wall's first purpose is to separate between people, meaning that the wall's true intention is to prevent Israelis and Palestinians from meeting each other, becoming friends, getting married, and its secondary purpose is to provide security. And that's one of the reasons also why the wall is moving all the time, because they're trying to incorporate as many Jews as they can on the Israeli side of the wall, but at the same time trying to exclude [as many] Palestinians as they can on the other side, on the east side of the wall. This is the reality. But when we talk about negotiations [inaud.] about the demand by the Israeli negotiating team and the current talks with Palestinians, we go into the [inaud] because these negotiations are not really negotiations. There are no two sides here who are able to negotiate give and take. There is one power, which is Israel, which is the occupying power, the sovereign power in the region, and they have control on both sides of what's happening currently around the wall of separation. They continue to collect taxes on both sides of the wall. So the only reason why the Israeli negotiating team is making this kind of demand is in order to perpetuate the illusion that these are negotiations between two sides. And the way that Israeli government is trying to sell the negotiations, both to the Israeli public and to the rest of the world, is as if it is some kind of haggling. So they start--the Palestinians have already said there is the internationally recognized border of 1967, which is the border that was established [inaud.] and this should be the international border and the Palestinian state should be created on the other side. And this is--. So Israel said, this is your demand;; we will make a counter demand. We will say the wall of separation should be the border, meaning that we're going to annex [inaud.] amount of areas and, in fact, turn the Palestinian territory into small enclaves. But the reason I'm calling this fiction is everybody knows that this is not actually going to happen. Everybody knows also that the Palestinian leadership will never accept this, and even that the Israeli government is not really going to follow through and make it as a real offer. They're not going to allow a Palestinian state, a sovereign Palestinian state, even in those tiny enclaves that will remain after the wall will be considered a border. So the reason that they're making this offer is to create the illusion that they're haggling. But I think it's very clear that the negotiations will eventually end in failure. I think everybody knows this now. But still the Israeli government is trying to win some time to keep the negotiations [inaud.] a little bit so they can say they're in the middle of the peace process, they're trying their best. And this helps them to stave off some international criticism.NOOR: And in 2004 the International Court of Justice found this wall violated international law. How exactly is Israel able to demand this as--or call for this to be their border, as you say, only as a posture? But talk about why this is even possible.HEVER: Yeah. We should understand that Israel doesn't recognize the validity of international law in practice. Officially it does. In fact, right after Israel occupied the Palestinian territory in '67, they acknowledged that the Fourth Geneva Convention applies to the occupied territory. But they later changed their mind and they decided not to apply abide by international law anymore, especially when it's not convenient for them. The wall, they say, is built not--originally the wall was designed. They said, this has nothing to do [inaud.] future borders. It has nothing to do with which area is occupied and which isn't. It's just about security. But somehow it happened that the walls route goes in such a way that it doesn't go into Israeli territory for one centimeter. All of the wall's route is deep inside Palestinian land. So security considerations are only taken into account when it's at the expense of Palestinians, never when it's at the expense of Israel. But now this idea that the wall can be considered an international border is a preposterous idea. But how can Israel make this claim? They can make it, this claim, as long as the United States is willing to continue the charade and to tell the world there are negotiations, that the United States is mediating between two sides as Uif there are indeed two sides. And as long as this charade continues, Israel can say whatever they want. They can make these offers. They know the offers will not be accepted. But if the Palestinian leadership of the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah is going to fall into this trap and make a counter offer and say, well, no, we're not--we [inaud.] accept the wall of separation as the border, we want to assist on the '67 borders, then it only prolongs the negotiations. This is what Israel is really after, prolonging them.NOOR: Shir Hever, thank you so much for joining us.HEVER: Thank you, Jaisal, for having me.NOOR: You can follow us @TheRealNews on Twitter, and you can Tweet me questions, comments, or story ideas @JaisalNoor. Thank you so much for joining us.End

    DISCLAIMER: Please note that transcripts for The Real News Network are typed from a recording of the program. TRNN cannot guarantee their complete accuracy.

    video at link below

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