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Washington, DC — In a proclamation issued today, President Obama has...

Obama Proclaims August International Muslim Awareness Month

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President Obama announcing the month of August to officially be ‘International Muslim Awareness Month’.

Washington, DC — In a proclamation issued today, President Obama has designated August as ‘International Muslim Awareness Month’.
“The Muslim community around the world deserves our full acceptance, respect, apologies and most importantly, our awareness,” Obama told reporters. “The world has done horrible things to the Muslim people since the beginning of time. Americans have killed millions of Muslims overseas since the September 11th attacks. They are not all bad, in fact most of them are good, hard-working folks just like yourself, living day to day, trying to survive and for that they need to be celebrated. So from now on, the world will know the month of August to be a month of celebration for the Muslim community, the Sunnah and the amazing teachings of the Quran.”
Khaled Matei who is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood‘s Freedom and Justice Party told CNN he is pleased with Obama and his actions. “I spoke with President Obama by telephone and personally thanked him for all that he is doing to help the Muslim people in this country,” Matei said. “An ‘International Muslim Awareness Month’ is definitely a step in the right direction I explained to him. Praise Allah.”
Obama told reporters about his current plans for helping Muslims around the world. “August is not the only month of the year to celebrate the Muslim community. With a little bit of effort we can work every day to help these people achieve greatness. So beginning next week I will personally be working with Congress to make it easier for Muslims to become American citizens,” Obama said. “Currently as it stands, obtaining a Visa or Green Card for a Muslim person is very difficult. There are too many unnecessary background checks in place and I plan to fix that.” Obama continued, “Muslims are hardworking people who are looking to live the American Dream just like the rest of us and we must learn to accept them and appreciate them for who they are.”
Rep. Michele Bachmann told Fox News that she does not agree with ‘International Muslim Awareness Month’. “Where is Christian awareness month or Jesus appreciation month,” Bachmann said. “America is a Christian nation. It has been and always will be. We don’t need the American school children celebrating the wrong religion. Obama has gone too far this time and something must be done to stop this.”
35-year-old Paul Horner from Phoenix, Arizona told reporters he will enjoy celebrating the new holiday.
“I just hope I get a day off work. I haven’t had a day off from work since momma died last summer, I really need a day off. I don’t care if it’s a holiday to celebrate the terrorists or the bearded guys with rags on their head, or what have ya, I just really want a day off work,” Horner said. “You know what? I’m going to take a day off work regardless if I have a day off or not. I’m gonna treat myself, because I deserve it. Problem solved everyone.”
Obama finished the press conference explaining how happy he was with the American people.
“This is a great opportunity for the world to come together as one and celebrate the Muslim faith,” Obama said. “Folks, there is no way we could have had an ‘International Muslim Awareness Month’ 20 years ago. That really says a lot about the growth and progress of this great country.”
‘International Muslim Awareness Month’ begins August 1st and will end at midnight on August 31st. For any questions or comments please contact the 24-hour International Muslim Awareness Month Hotline at (785) 273-0325.