[Watch] Obama Says Climate Science Settled – These Climate Scientists Strongly Disagree

Posted on 8 May, 2014 by Rick Wells

Australian television host Andrew Bolt hosts a panel of scientists who are all distinguished in their various fields of expertise to discuss what the idea of man-made global warming and the efficacy of any efforts to mitigate any actual effects.
His guests are Professor Bob Carter of James Cook University, a Marine Geologist; Professor Peter Reid of James Cook University, a Marine Physics specialist, and Professor Garth Paltridge, an Atmospheric Physicist who was a former Chief Scientist at the CSIRO.
Bolt plays clips of then Prime Minister Julia Gillard making the case for a huge Australian tax based upon the theory and then asks for comments from his guests.
Bolt and the panel discuss what he labels as “the four big questions” of global warming. The experts assembled regard the hysteria around a climate which always changes and the premise that it has ever been stable as “simply silly” as well as the terming of Co2 as a pollutant being “a bit of a stretch.”

The questions are:

  • Are Humans warming the planet?
  • Is Warming Dangerous?
  • Is the Science Settled?
  • Will the Carbon Tax Work?

The discussion is specific and direct, with many valid points being raised by the panel as well as the dismissal of invalid or overstated assertions by the climate alarmists.
Another interesting bit of information exposed during the program is the fact that virtually all of the financing for studies and science into the climate debate is directed at the pro-warming side of the argument. Those who disagree are left to fend for themselves, creating a chilling effect on the debate as well as the direction of conclusions.
This program aired just prior to a carbon tax being adopted by Australia and Prime Minister Gillard was making the same kind of <acronym title="Google Page Ranking"><acronym title="Google Page Ranking">PR</acronym></acronym> push that the United States is now being assaulted with. The tactics and the claims that were used in Australia are the same ones we’ve heard coming from DC and the UN.
These scientists demonstrate that much of the political theater is based upon deception and falsehoods and a willingness of a majority of the population to accept what their government tells them as being the truth in spite of evidence to the contrary or their history.

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