Obamacare’s Other Victims

October 31, 2013 by Ben Crystal

On Tuesday, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Obamacare) finally admitted what everyone outside the Federally-funded “navigators” already knew. It doesn’t matter if you like your plan or not.

If President Barack Obama doesn’t like it, you don’t get to keep it. Indeed, he knew all along that Obama’s top selling point was an outright fraud. “We knew that there would be some policies that would not qualify and therefore people would be required to get more extensive coverage…” But even in the face of such an admission by a member of the inner circle of Big Barry himself, most Democrats denied Obama’s latest disgrace like a mob lawyer making an alibi for a Genovese capo.

Among the poor souls forced to shill for Obama’s supreme scam: a woman named Tara McGuiness. McGuiness’s Twitter bio identifies her as a Senior Communications Advisor for the White House. It also includes the tag line “all health care all the time.” In layman’s terms, McGuiness is a mouthpiece whose sole reason for existence — other than feeding what I’ll bet is more than one cat — is to provide cover for Obamacare.

Were it not for the fact that she took the job and continues to perform the duties entailed, I might feel a little bad for McGuiness and the rest of her lower-to-mid-level Obama stooges. After all, she was back on Twitter Tuesday afternoon, cheering Obamacare as if Hoyer had not just admitted that Obama knew from the jump that he had been lying all along. Among the “facts” proffered by Ms. McGuiness — all of which would remain meaningless even if Hoyer had not obviated them by admitting to Obama’s chicanery — was this bit of Twitter twaddle: “saying that millions. .are getting ‘cancellation notices’ / ‘losing their coverage’ is deeply misleading.”

McGuiness included a link to a “report” from the far-left-wing hate speech site Talking Points Memo. Ultimately, McGuiness attempted to bolster the Democrats’ fraud by citing the Democrats. Of course, it’s already matter of record that Obamacare has pushed millions out of their insurance plans.

And in a twist worthy only of the Democrats, she called her boss a liar. Included in McGuiness’s Twitter feed was this nugget, which also appeared on the official White House feed: “FACT: 43 % of people with individual market insurance have a pre-ex condition (they are likely to be charged today).” Er, far be it for me to correct as unimpeachable a source as the Obama White House, but if those 43 percent already have “individual market insurance” and a “pre-ex condition,” then what the hell did they need Obamacare for, exactly?

McGuiness is hardly alone in her disgrace. From the widely-reviled – not to mention Obamacare-exempt — House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to inexplicably tax-exempt hate group Generaloberst Jim Messina, the Democrats have continued to make excuses for Obamacare despite the now-indubitable revelation that every promise Obama made regarding his “signature accomplishment” is an outright lie. It’s almost as if they just filter out reality. Actually, given the suspension of higher thought required to cling to Obamacare at this point, perhaps it helps them sleep at night.

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