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    OBAMACARE: SOMEONE NEEDS TO BE JAILED FOR THIS indictments of high-ranking officials



    Exclusive: Joseph Farah calls for indictments of high-ranking officials responsible for fraud

    Published: 49 mins ago

    Scrapping Obamacare isn’t enough.

    Relieving negligent Obamacare officials of their duties isn’t enough.

    Someone needs to be prosecuted and jailed over the Obamacare scandals if only to ensure the public is never victimized like this, again.
    Let’s just take the latest example of many horror stories we’ve discovered since this monster was created.
    It’s bad enough that was built over years as perhaps the most expensive website in history by contractors with no track record of success who were not required to bid for the job. It’s bad enough that the website became the butt of late-night comedy routines when it failed to work. It’s bad enough that failure cost taxpayers even more untold millions in remediation.
    But now we learn that, a website designed to maintain a database of the most sensitive, personal and highly confidential health and financial records of millions of Americans, was built without any security measures whatsoever.
    Just imagine what would happen to a company like if it built a website that didn’t provide any protection of the financial data of its customers. I can assure you there would be immense fines and the company would be eagerly pursued by government prosecutors.
    Yet what happened in the case of the Obamacare website is far worse. It’s negligence that defies the imagination.
    Experts say it could take another year to secure the personal data stored on the site.

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    It’s time to stop the madness. Congress needs to use its oversight role to shut down the website and the entire Obamacare program, launch an investigation of the lies and deception and criminal illegalities behind it from the beginning and recommend indictments of the high-ranking officials responsible for defrauding the American people.
    As Morgan Wright, chief executive officer of Crowd Sourced Investigations, testified to Congress: “There’s not a plan to fix this that meets the sniff test of being reasonable.”
    And that’s just the website problem – the least of our concerns about Obamacare. It’s actually a blessing that the website has been such a debacle because fewer Americans will be victimized by the program as a result.
    The “high risk” website is just a metaphor for the overall program that poses an enormous risk to the liberty and prosperity of every American unless it is aborted.
    And that’s really the trouble with government command-and-control, one-size-fits-all, liberty-stealing mega-programs like Obamacare – there is no accountability for corruption, fraud, waste, abuse and malfeasance when Big Brother is running the show.
    Yes, Obamacare must go – every last vestige of it.
    But that’s not enough.
    We need to raise the stakes.
    People need to be punished for this national scandal. A terrible hoax has been perpetrated on the American people. I’m not sure there is any equivalent in our national history. This program was created with the passage of legislation by an unpopular Congress whose leader literally told the American people they could only find out what was in the bill after it was enacted. It was sold to the American people with lies like, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” and “If you like your insurance plan, you can keep your insurance plan.” For the first time in history, the legislation required Americans to buy a “service” whether they wanted it or not. Americans were told it was not a tax. But it was found constitutional by the Supreme Court because it was a tax.
    Worst of all, it was a program that was supposed to ensure that Americans without health insurance would be able to get it. What happened is just the opposite – millions of Americans have seen their health insurance policies canceled as a direct result of Obamacare. Others have seen the “Affordable Care Act” drive their premiums up to unaffordable rates.
    Getting rid of Obamacare is not enough.

    Those responsible for this kind of liberty-destroying fraud need to pay with the cost of their own freedom.

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