Obama's Approval Drops 9 Points in a Month

Thursday, July 16, 2009 2:16 PM

By: Jim Myers

President Barack Obama's approval rating has dropped nine percentage points in a month and now stands at just 56 percent, a new poll reveals.

The Diageo/The Hotline poll of registered voters, conducted from July 9 to July 13, showed Obama with the lowest approval rating recorded in the six monthly surveys since he took office.

His approval rating stood at 65 percent in the previous poll conducted from June 4 to June 7, and reached an all-time high of 67 percent in late February.

A minority of male voters, 46 percent, and just 48 percent of independent voters approve of the job Obama is doing, according to the latest poll.

Other findings:

Only 39 percent of respondents say they are confident the economic stimulus plan will succeed in turning around the economy, down 13 percentage points from June.

Just 36 percent of voters favor another stimulus package, while 52 percent oppose such a measure — and 40 percent strongly oppose it.

71 percent of respondents would choose a slower economic recovery with a lower deficit, compared to 23 percent who say they would prefer a quicker recovery with a higher deficit.

Congressional Democrats' approval rating has dropped eight points, from 49 percent in June to 41 percent. But the approval rating of Republicans in Congress has decreased nine percentage points, to 29 percent in the newest poll.

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