Obstruction of Justice at the Department of Justice.

By Kay Daly
October 1, 2010 1:14 PM

...and that is in addition to possible perjury and racial discrimination, carried out by those officials who are specifically tasked to put a halt to that sort of thing. Andy McCarthy has a tremendous piece in the National Review Online which not only chronicles the Black Panthers case and the bombshell testimony at the US Commission on Civil Rights, but also some new revelations that are not to be missed.

Unfortunately on Capitol Hill, "oversight" has become nothing more than another tool in the political arsenal to score points. It is imperative that a truly top-notch bipartisan team of oversight attorneys take a long, hard look into what has transpired at the Department of Justice, and up the chain of command as high as the decision making went.

To not seriously investigate this case and all of the shenanigans that transpired during and after the case would only serve to encourage those who instigated and participated in the whole fiasco from the beginning. This kind of behavior cannot tolerated.

This is one of those crossroads where either significant beneficial change could take place or it will be a marker....a milestone....the catalyst to the erosion or even the complete collapse of voting rights in this country.

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