Thanks to O’Keefe and his citizen investigators, shame on Congress and the President
By Richard A. Viguerie -- 7/18/11

While Washington refuses to deal honestly with its spending addiction, one young man is out there exposing government corruption and outright lawbreaking that has contributed to the $14+ trillion debt.

In a story The Daily Caller broke this morning about James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas latest sting video, we see first hand that the federal government’s spending-driven Leviathan of so-called social programs is corrupt and law breaking.

We have one young man, James O’Keefe with his Project Veritas, doing more than the President, Congress and our vast over-bloated bureaucracy have done to expose the waste, fraud and abuse that takes place daily with our tax dollars.

Every American should be outraged that no government audit or oversight exposed this incompetence, misconduct and law breaking. Instead, it took James O’Keefe and the citizen journalists of Project Veritas to document this vast network of parasites on the American taxpayer.

Time and again establishment politicians have promised that they will achieve budget savings by ending waste, fraud and abuse. These ‘savings’ never appear.

I encourage every taxpayer to view the videos exposing the giveaway of taxpayer dollars going on in the Ohio Medicaid program at [1]. We’ll soon have a petition at [2] demanding an end to this corrupt drain on the American taxpayer.

Does anyone seriously doubt that a significant part of our spending, debt and deficit crisis is caused by a corrupt culture that encourages government employees to measure their success by the number of taxpayer dollars they give away? Just how much of our $14 trillion debt is the result of law breaking by government and its cronies?