One party system: A legacy of misery and death

A one-party system?

Klaus Rohrich (Bio and Archives) Saturday, January 26, 2013

A number of progressive pundits have been urging Obama and the Democrats to sweep aside all opposition to their ultra-leftist agenda by destroying the Republican Party.

Leading the pack of yapping hyenas is John Dickerson, who in an op-ed piece for Slate Magazine urged Obama to “go for the throat” and “destroy the GOP” in order to achieve his transformational goals.

Rachel Maddow argued that America is a “Liberal” country (capital L is hers) because of an NBC/Washington Post poll that showed a slim majority of Americans supposedly support both same-sex marriage and “immigration reform.” Then there’s Chris Matthews with his histrionics and the whole CNN gang who acted as cheerleader during Obama’s inauguration to all six of their audience members.

I don’t suppose that there’s anything wrong with being happy that your guy won. I’m sure a lot of Republicans were equally happy with Reagan and Bush’s victory. What I find troubling is the zest and zeal with which these cheerleaders for the cultural death cult are urging the permanent elimination of legitimate opposition.

What the liberal media seems to be advocating at this point is that Obama turn the United States into a one party state and seize this moment to ram through a plethora of programs that may or may not be beneficial to the nation. To date there is no evidence that anything this president has done has had any positive benefit on the lives of most Americans.

On the contrary, Americans are a lot poorer today than they were when George W. Bush left office, and I suspect they will be poorer yet by the end of Obama’s second term. Unemployment among the young is still at the highest level in nearly 70 years.

The constituency most captivated by “hope & change,” namely African Americans, is still desperately hoping for change as unemployment among blacks is more than double the rest of the nation. And that’s not a statistic that can be blamed on ‘The Man,’ but on the man who is currently occupying the White House.

One of America’s greatest historical legacies is its staunch commitment to the two party system. It’s the only way to make a democracy really work, as it ensures that a majority of votes carries the day, even if it is as slim a majority as was seen last November 6th. The purpose of an opposition party, be it Republican or Democrat is to ensure that the government does not run roughshod over the minority by imposing draconian legislation. What separates America from most other nations is its two party system.

It’s no accident that progressive media types in America are calling for the destruction of the GOP, given Obama’s many musings about what he could achieve without having to include a pesky Congress in the decision making process.

But as I’ve long maintained, scratch a liberal’s thin veneer and underneath you will find a fascist. In America, they tend to be liberal fascists, but fascists nevertheless.

The last thing we need in America is a one party political system.

Germany had a one party system from March 1933 to April 1945.

Russia had a one party system from October 1917 to December 1991.

China has had a one party system since October 1949 and North Korea since 1948.

Both endure to this day. The one thing all these countries have in common is a legacy of misery and death.

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