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    O's Desperate Attempt Win Democrat Votes; Stimulus DĂ©jĂ* Vu

    Tuesday, September 07, 2010

    Infrastructure Bank: Obama's Desperate Attempt to Win Midterm Democrat Votes; Stimulus DĂ©jĂ* Vu

    The president's pandering to public unions has backfired and now he wants to create an “infrastructure bankâ€
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    They won't tell us where the $ went in the first "stimulus",we already know it damn sue didn't help! We know Obozo is a crook so why should we finance another boondoggle?

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    My question is why isn't the money from the FIRST stimulus being used for infrastructure as it was presented at the time.

    There is 400 billion dollars left and instead of funding things like the Texas film commission for projects such as "Machete", it should be spent on projects that it was approved for. ... -back-0125

    Although the high speed rail system network tht is one o the green goals might not get funded as quickly although Harry Reid managed to get some pork for part of it.

    Prior to President Obama, the federal government invested only $4 billion to upgrade a 436-mile High Speed Rail line for passengers in the Northeast Corridor (DC-Baltimore-Philadelphia-NYC-New Haven-Boston) and less than $1 billion upgrading the remaining 22,000 rail miles used by passengers. When President Obama submitted his 2010 budget to Congress, it directed $8 billion to Amtrak from the economic stimulus & recovery package and he added $1 billion for High Speed Rail (HSR) corridors in each of the next five years. That sums to $13 billion of federal funds that do not require matching state and local funds. It is by far, the largest federal funding of U.S. passenger rail ever. His actions suggest a poetic bookend to President Lincoln authorizing the trans-continental railroad project amidst the Civil War. The first Black President, whose mantra is “Change We Can Believe In“, kick-started HSR across the continent amidst two wars and a huge recession. So what’s not to like? ... a-network/
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