By Andrew C. Wallace
September 6, 2009

Prosperity is impossible with Socialism, but Guaranteed, and Proven, if we follow the Constitution as we did until 1913 when Progressives (AKA Socialists, Fascists and Communists) in both parties hijacked major parts of our government for more effective looting and control by the Elite Aristocracy who controls them. This will require that we defeat the Fascist Traitors who ignore our Constitution; if we fail, then the old people being put to death by denial of care (this was passed in stimulus bill), may be the lucky ones; because younger people will be sentenced to a lifetime of poverty and brutal slavery before a painful death. This article is an outline that will give you many of the important points, but for more details read articles in NewsWithViews.com and devvy.com

Most Officials and Judges of both parties violate the Constitution and are therefore Traitors to our country, it is that simple. Some might not have promoted the treason, but they went along, to get along for reasons of greed, election or fear. Not one of our officials even tried to have the traitors among them prosecuted. When Obama refused to offer proof that he met the Constitutional requirements for President, not one official or judge at any level of government, nor any media person had the courage and integrity to insist that he do so; they are terrified of Obama and his criminal associates, but petrified of the Elite Aristocracy who control both parties. I don’t know if Obama is a natural born citizen, but the great preponderance of evidence and his actions indicate that he is not. Obama has offered only one forged document as proof and it was not a birth certificate. The Media must prepare Obama’s “uninformed