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Thread: "Our Guy" - The "REAL" Russian Collusion

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    "Our Guy" - The "REAL" Russian Collusion

    “Our Guy” – The *REAL* Russian Collusion…

    August 20, 2018 by Sundance

    Released documents show dossier author Christopher Steele and Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr discussing the need to protect “our guy”, January through March 2017.

    Who is “Our Guy”? That would be Oleg Deripaska, the Russian dossier source, and likely employer of Christopher Steele. The same Oleg Deripaska the FBI went to for help in framing Donald Trump through Paul Manafort in September 2016.

    ♦In 2009 the FBI, then headed by Robert Mueller, requested the assistance of Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska in an operation to retrieve former FBI officer and CIA resource Robert Levinson who was captured in Iran two years earlier. The agent assigned to engage Deripaska was Andrew McCabe; the primary FBI need was financing and operational support. Deripaska spent around $25 million and would have succeeded except the U.S. State Department, then headed by Hillary Clinton, backed out.

    ♦In September of 2016 Andrew McCabe is now Deputy Director of the FBI, when two FBI agents approached Deripaska in New York – again asking for his help. This time the FBI request was for Deripaska to outline Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort as a tool of the Kremlin. Deripaska once hired Manafort as a political adviser and invested money with him in a business venture that went bad. Deripaska sued Manafort, alleging he stole money. However, according to the article, despite Deripaska’s disposition toward Manafort he viewed the request as absurd. He laughed the FBI away,telling them: “You are trying to create something out of nothing.”

    John Solomon reported that Deripaska wanted to testify to congress last year (2017), without any immunity request, but was rebuked. Who blocked his testimony?
    In 2017 Oleg Deripaska was represented in the U.S. by Adam Waldman. Mr. Waldman was also representing Christopher Steele, the author of the Dossier. When you reconcile that Deripaska was likely Steele’s source/employer; of course Waldman would be representing both of them.

    Adam Waldman was the liaison/go-between Senator Mark Warner (Senate Intelligence Committee Vice-Chairman) was using to try and set up a secret meeting with Christopher Steele {Text Messages} without a “paper trail”.

    Yes, that’s Senator Mark Warner trying to set up a ‘paperless’ back channel to Christopher Steele in March 2017.

    Not coincidentally, Lobbyist/Lawyer Adam Waldman also needs to protect the other half of the Steele/Deripaska partnership, with messages about Oleg.

    As you can see from the text messages (more here), the House Intelligence Committee wanted to interview Oleg Deripaska. However, based on their ongoing contact and relationship Deripaska’s lawyer, Adam Waldman, asks Senator Mark Warner for feedback.

    If Deripaska was blocked from testifying to congress, it was obviously not from the HPSCI (Nunes Committee), but rather by the Senate Intel Committee, Mark Warner. Why?

    Why would Adam Waldman and Oleg Deripaska (personally) be reaching out to John Solomon in May 2018, to share the story of the FBI conduct in September 2016?
    You see, the unanticipated November 2016 election outcome created an entire set of new risk factors for all of the players.

    Attorney and Lobbyist Adam Waldman represented both Oleg Deripaska and Christopher Steele. Now, watch the first minute of this video. February 13th, 2018 Hearing:

    Deripaska was obviously willing to finance, facilitate, and provide sourcing for the Steele Dossier – from a distance. Yet when asked directly to participate by the FBI he didn’t want personal attachment on dubious endeavors.

    Did Robert Mueller omit any mention of Oleg Deripaska from his 2017 Manafort indictment purposefully because Mueller knew the involvement of the Russian Billionaire? …or was this Robert Mueller hoping to hide his prior professional work relationship with Deripaska?…. or both.

    Remember, on February 9th, 2018, Senator Chuck Grassley asked Deripaska’s London Lawyer, Paul Hauser, questions about Deripaska and his connections to Christopher Steele:

    (Link to Grassley Letters)

    Oleg Deripaska’s British lawyer, Paul Hauser, responded with the following letter:

    A very lawyer-ish response. However, based on the 2017 text messagesunknown at the time Grassley made the inquiry, it would appear Chairman Grassley asked the wrong lawyer:

    In February Senator Grassley should have asked Adam Waldman who was obviously representing Deripaska’s interests in the U.S. {text message links} But Senator Grassley is no dummy… he caught on; and he did ask Adam Waldman for testimony.

    Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley requested testimony from Mr. Waldman surrounding his contacts and engagements throughout the 2016/2017 operation to undermine and remove President Donald Trump. In a response letter released today (full pdf below) lawyers representing Mr. Waldman are trying to keep their client from forced testimony; and it appears likely he is remaining outside of the country to avoid being captured in the investigative net.

    Here’s the letter from Waldman’s lawyers:

    View this document on Scribd
    It appears a little hypocritical for Mr. Waldman to be evading questioning considering it was Waldman who contacted journalist John Solomon earlier in the year to present a story conducive to his client Oleg Deripaska. He was full of information in May, 2018, but when facing questioning about that information in August – he disappears.

    Waldman’s current triangulation is part of the reason for our earlier emphasis/warning on the construct of the May 2018 Solomon article. After all, everyone involved in the ‘soft coup attempt’ is desperate to safeguard their own interests.

    Now, think about this…. Yes, with Oleg Deripaska in the picture there was indeed Russian meddling in the 2016 election; only, it wasn’t the type of meddling currently being sold. The FBI/DOJ were using Russian Deripaska to frame their Russian conspiracy narrative. It is almost a certainty that Deripaska was one of Chris Steele’s sources for the dossier.
    Now, put yourself in Deripaska’s shoes and think about what happens AFTER candidate Donald Trump surprisingly wins the election.

    All of a sudden Deripaska the asset becomes a risk to the corrupt Scheme Team (DOJ/FBI et al); especially as the DOJ/FBI then execute the “insurance policy” effort against Donald Trump…. and eventually enlist Robert Mueller.

    It is entirely possible for a Russian to be blackmailing someone, but it ain’t Trump vulnerable to blackmail; it’s the conspiracy crew within the DOJ and FBI. Deripaska now has blackmail material on Comey, McCabe and crew.

    After the 2017 (first year) failure of the “insurance policy” it now seems more likely President Trump will outlive the soft coup. In May 2018, Oleg tells Waldman to call John Solomon and tell him the story from a perspective favorable to

    As the story is told, in 2017 Oleg was more than willing to testify to congress… likely laughing the entire time… but the corrupt participants within congress damned sure couldn’t let Deripaska testify.

    Enter corrupt SSCI Vice-Chairman Mark Warner:


    Senate Security Chief, James Wolfe – We know from overwhelming circumstantial evidence, conveniently overlooked by media, that one of James Wolfe’s specific leaks involved sending his concubine Ali Watkins a copy of the 82-page FISA application used to gain a Title-1 surveillance warrant against U.S. person Carter Page. {Full Backstory Here} Some key things about this leak:

    1. It is highly likely there were no redactions in the copy Wolfe leaked to the media.
    2. It is highly likely Wolfe was caught in a leak hunt, and the copy given to him included a specific, and intentionally wrong, internal date using October 19th as the origination date for FISA application approval. (The actual date was Oct 21st).
    3. The October 19th date then shows up in subsequent media reportswhich were based on the leak. The New York Times and Washington Post used the wrong date; the concentric reporting of the NYT and WaPo spread the wrong date like a virus.
    4. However, despite overwhelming and easy to prove evidence against him, Wolfe was never charged with the Carter Page FISA leak. The DOJ/FBI have him dead-to-rights on that leak, but he was charged with the more disingenuous crime of lying to the FBI.

    These explosive details have been largely ignored by media, and two recent legal filings add even more layers of intrigue. Last week a federal judge denied a request by Wolfe’s lawyers to put a gag order on the entire U.S. government; to include President Trump:

    The scant media coverage all focused on a narrative that Mr. Wolfe was requesting a gag order against President Trump in his case. However, as you can see above, that was not the request. More broadly Wolfe’s attorneys were attempting to bar any government official from any public statement. This is Key…. keep that in mind as you look at the second development.

    After losing the gag order request, lawyers for Mr. Wolfe have sent letters to every Senator who sits on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. [As we have shared for years, the SSCI is the deepest and most corrupt part of the Deep State swamp.]

    The lawyers for Wolfe are putting the senators on notice they might be called as defense witnesses. Read carefully, including between the lines (emphasis mine):

    WASHINGTON—Members of the Senate Intelligence Committee have been notified they may be asked for testimony as part of the criminal trial of a veteran Senate staffer accused of lying to the FBI while working for the panel.

    Attorneys for James A. Wolfe sent letters to all 15 senators on the committee, notifying them that their testimony may be sought as part of Mr. Wolfe’s defense, according to two people familiar with the matter.

    Mr. Wolfe, who for nearly 30 years served as the director of security for the intelligence committee, was arrested last month and charged with lying to the FBI about his contacts with reporters while the bureau was conducting an investigation into leaks of classified information to journalists. Mr. Wolfe wasn’t charged with leaking any information.

    Mr. Wolfe’s defense lawyers are considering calling the senators as part of the proceedings for a variety of reasons, including as potential character witnesses and to rebut some of the allegations made by the government in the criminal complaint, these people say. (link)

    Remember, Wolfe isn’t charged with the leaks, he’s charged with lying to the FBI. His lawyers inferring that Senators might be called to rebut the allegations, seems to imply that Senators might have authorized the content of those allegations; or, put simply, Senators might have authorized or instructed Wolfe to make the leaks to the media.

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    A lot of transition officials wanted a new and better relationship with Russia. Trump wants a new and better relationship with Russia. I think most Americans wants a new and better relationship with Russia. Who wouldn't??!!!
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    There's a new pro-Trump, Russian website in the U.S.

    The site, which doesn’t promote fake news as much as attempt to sow discord in the United States

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