Oz Is Speaking – Stop Thinking, Accept The Climate Hoax – Surrender Your Liberty, Submit To World Government

Posted on August 12, 2015
by Rick Wells

While nobody within the Obama regime may be quite as evil as the dictator himself, EPA Chief Gina McCarthy certainly fits the regime profile of a lying, corrupt anti-American subversive villain. She is not an innocent useful idiot. If that were the case she would have invariably stumbled upon the truth during each of her many Congressional hearings in which she defended and advanced and danced her way around acknowledging the treacherous hoax that is being perpetrated upon the American people.

She’s attacking us; lying is simply part of the process. It’s how the evil work of the world government elites is done.

It’s paramount to remember as we listen to her mindless drivel that much of what she claims is happening is in fact not happening. All of these morons in the audience who sit there entranced in her doom and gloom message see the reality once they leave the room yet they choose to ignore it.

Every word out of McCarthy’s hideous hole is a lie, yet they believe it, falling for the “must be happening in a far-off place” theory, believing that the government would never lie and the emergency will inevitably creep to their doorstep soon. It won’t. The threat is at the microphone.

All of their “proof” and anecdotal evidence takes place somewhere where there are few or no people or in a generalized, nonspecific region. They can claim anything they want about the arctic, there’s nobody there to dispute it.

Anything, such as the current drought in California that actually is happening is a natural occurrence that has nothing to do with man’s CO2. Droughts have existed for as long as the planet has and long before coal power plants. There is nothing unusual about it and their existence is not an indicator in any way of a “climate change.” The reverse is the case; a cessation in droughts would be a change.

She says it affects everything and everyone we know but in actuality it affects nothing. Nobody that any of us know has been impacted in any way other than through the regulatory suffocation with which her totalitarian agency and the Obama regime are burdening our nation. She laughably declares “climate change” impacts our ability to earn a decent living when it is she and her dictator who are destroying our economic engine, through virtually every action that they take.

She repeats the lie, that climate change is driven by “carbon pollution.” Without carbon dioxide life would cease on this planet. It is only a pollutant when it is being expelled during her rhetoric or that of her totalitarian master occupying the DC Plantation House.

As she blames normal weather on climate change she references the drought in California. It’s a natural event that could have been mitigated completely through proper use of existing water management infrastructure, but her party and environmental terrorists chose an insignificant fish over the human population of California. The farmers who are suffering in California are suffering because of Democrat policies and those policies alone. The “woman” [presumed] talking and her co-conspirators are alone as the guilty parties in creating the California drought emergency.

As for the small businesses along our coastlines, Gina McCarthy, name one. With thousands of miles of shoreline along three coasts plus Alaska, she can’t; because they only exist in her fairy tale.

She claims climate change is personal. If so, why not invite some people to share those personal experiences from the real world. She says, “No matter who you are, where you live, or what you care about, climate change is affecting you and your family today.”

Actually, it’s not. I’m totally unaffected by it. I know people all across the United States and in other countries and yet I don’t know a single person affected by climate change. Everything today is just as it was thirty or forty years ago. Nothing, I repeat, nothing is any different in any way in the real world.

She’s closing off the debate – the Obama regime’s equivalent of “The great and powerful Oz has spoken,” saying, “We are way past any further discussion or debate. Scientists are as sure that humans are causing climate change as they are that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer.”

Naturally that’s another lie from this wicked witch. Climate scientists are not medical doctors. The two are totally unrelated. An expert in one field is largely ignorant in the other.

The Climate Nazi instructs all of us hapless peasants that unless we “want to debate that point, don’t debate about climate change any longer.” Sorry, Herr McCarthy, we didn’t realize Obama had sliced the First Amendment out of the Bill of Rights already.

What we are witnessing is all part of the push to December when the world government under the UN through climate change will be forced upon us in Paris. The Marxist Argentine Pope Francis is teaming up with Hussein Obama and the wholly owned propagandists in the media to herd the stupid sheep into submission, giving up the hard-won freedoms that they don’t deserve.

Unfortunately, as they walk around in with a melted consciousness, eyes closed to the reality in pursuit of the fantasy they are being programmed with, these compliant idiots have the numbers to take the rest of us down with them. That is the crux of the problem. That is the true threat of climate change.