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PCR Interviewed by Radio Slobodny Vysielac in Slovakia

March 24, 2014 | Categories: Interviews | Tags: | Print This Article

On Ukraine and other matters, Dr. Roberts is interviewed by Norbert Lichtner on
radio Slobodny Vysielac in Slovakia. Historically, the radio station appeared on the air when Slovakia was being oppressed by foreign powers (Germans 1944, Soviets 196.
Consistent with this history, the station reappeared in 2013 in response to US/EU imperialism. The language at the beginning of the interview is Slovak, but the interview is in English.

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  • Posted on: 20 March 2014

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Paul Craig Roberts: For third world war will be again blamed Germany.
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Ladies and gentlemen, good evening. My first quest is Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant treasury secretary of United States Government. Good evening sear.
Good evening
Thank you very much for joining us today.
Itís my pleasure
Havenít spoken to you for a while. How you been?
I have been fine, Norbert.
And busy as I know.
Yes, and I can granulate you on your radio show.
Oh, thank you very much.
We have done quite a lot of work last year. As you know you knew when we were starting last January. Itís quite interesting. Now, the thing I wanted to talk about tonight is US involvement in the Ukraine situation. Now, you know me. I donít want to anyone to call me conspiracy theorist. Is there any chance that there is no US government involvement in situation in Ukraine?
No, of course not.
Medy (Laught)
This was a coup orchestrated by Washington. Itís well known. The assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland has admitted that Washington spent 5 billion dollars creating agitation and protest groups in Ukraine in order to bring Ukraine to European Union and into NATO. Washinkton was trying to capture Ukraine ever since 2004 when first Washinkton attempt an Orange revolution failed to deliver (4:29) the Ukraine. And in 10 years since, they spent $ financing group in Ukraine. And when the ukranianin government decited that it was not in the economic interest of Ukraine to joint EU, because the economy was so involved with Russia and it was the only real way for the Ukraine to exist and that time Washinkton unleased (5:0the protest. They were quickly taken over by extreme right wing elements who introduced violence into the protest who overthrough elected qovernment and Ukraine now has unelected government that represents a few, small wested (5:34) interest, oligharks and Washinkton.
Now, as you know Janukovitch was no saint. So it wasnít greed deal to get the people out in the steets. I thing they could trick easily the population to go out. But, what do you thing?
Well, a few politicians are saints and that have anything really to do with whether or not he was a saint. It was washinktonís intent to capture the Ukraine, put it into NATO so the Washinkton can put missle bases on the Russian border. Washinkton also hoped to be able to evict Russian from its Black sea naval base in Crymea. Unfortunately Washinkton missmange the coup and the Crimenas are voting to leave the Ukraine where Chruscev stock them in the 1950s. It was never part of Ukraine.
I head that story that he has just too many vodkas and he gave it to them.
Thatís what soldier Nason said, but actually, I thing it was done becauseÖ Chruscew was Ukranina and but he communist party and the Soviet Union stuck eastern and southern portions of Russia in to Ukraninan order to war down the Nazy elements in Western Ukraine that had fork (7:19) for Hitler during WW2. They wanted put Russian population into a province in order to counterbalance the Nazy and client elements in the west of the Ukraine.
And they are still there, arenít they?
From all appearences, they are still there and not only there, they are now in the power.
Yeah. I wanted to ask you if you are tolking now about US involvement. I listen to your secretary of state, Mr. Kerry and with my Easter European thinking, I could not get it. Now, did he want to Russia invade Crymea or he didnít want them to the invade. I didnít get it, can you explain to us.
Yes, of course. He did not want Russia to invade until Crymea voted its independence and is about to vote to be reinsolved (8:29) with Russia. And now, Kerry is demanding that Russia send in the army and stop Ukraninas from excercising their self determination. Kerry has said if Russian donít follow his orders and prevent Crimenians from voting on their own future, then Washington and its NATO puppet states will empose sanction on Russia.
See, you are an economist and a really good one, I would like to ask you. If there are the sanctions implied on Russia, it will hurt the US dollar. I think it will escalate or speed up the BRICS negotiations. Itís gonna hurt US dollar. If I go further then only thing what I can see as a resolution for a US dollar falling down is a war. How do you see this?
Well that exactly it. Washington is driving world to war. Washinkton knows that whatever damage sanctions may do to Russia itís very small compared to the damage Russia would suffer from losing its one quater (10:0 port on the Black sea. And so, the black sea port, as well as the faith of millions of Russian in eastern and sountern Ukraine are far more important to Russian goverment than sanctions. And Washinkton knows that, so by threatening sanctions is completely pointless. The whole purpose is to drive toward war because Russia then will respond to washinkton sanctions with sanctions of its own and the western media will stress the Russian impose the sanction. They will ignore that Washington started the fight and they will continue to demonize Russia thus preparing the American population for war. And thatís where itís driving. The Neoconservatives, who control the government and Washington, have an ideology of American hegemony over the world and Russia, China and Iran are in the way.
So here I see the chance to knock Russia out, to degrade its strategic, to terror by putting anti-ballistic missles on the Russian border. They are locked on that agenda. They are driving toward that and therefore they are reckless and dangerous. And Iím conviced that washinkton will drive this to war, especially Norbert, now that Merkel and Germany have given up her doubds about sanctions and joined the American side. So now, Europe has again failed its people, they failed in the leadership role and Europe is enabling Washinkton to drive the world to war.
Now these German sanctions will cost Germans around 300.000 jobs. But since you mentioned these Neocons, they were accially, when somewhere around the time you were working for a government during the Regan presidency, they popped up at that time I thing, and they have been trying to do thing what we see happening for about last ten, theerting years since then. Do you remember or could you tell us something about the time when they were accelly popping up these Neocons.
Yes, they appeared first during Reagan first therm. They are rapidly anti-russian. They were sort of accepted by the normal conservatives, because they were so anti-russian, but they cause a lot of difyculties for president Reagan. They got involved in Nikaraguan-Iran controversy and they caused so much trouble that the Reagan fired everyone of them. Some of them were prosecuted and convicted, but they were pardoned when George Herbert Walked Bush succesed Reagan, you know, he was Reagan vicepresident, he was elected when Reagan second term ended. And this Bush, the father of George W. Bush, pardoned the Neocons who had been convicted. They didnít really make comeback until the second term of Clinton regime. They were behind the American-NATO attack on Serbia and the theft (14:1 of Kosovo from Serbia. And they emerged in total control of George W. Bush administration and they are still in control of the Obama administration.
So it doesnít matter wheader the democratic party or republicans are in congress or which representatives are there. They are still in power.
Right, it doesnít matter who is there. You see the national security adviser SuzanRice is a Neocon. The assistan secretary of state Victoria Nulland, why planned and organized the American coup in Kiev, she is a neocon. She is married to another neocon Rober Cagan. Samanta Powers is also a neocon, married to another Neocon. So principle players in the ukranian take-over by Washinkton are neoconservatives.
All right. Now, do you see any similarities between Kosovo and Crimea, let say. No, you see we stoled Kosovo. We did it, we stoled it, Washinkton stole it. In crymea the people themselves are traditionally Russian. That was a era of Russia that Chruscev stocked (zastrcil) into the Ukraine. And when this coup government emerged in Kiev they started making very threatening statements to Russians. They banned use of language, they destroyed Russian war monuments. It made the people In Crimea says ĄWe donít wanna be part of thisď. So they took their fate in their own hands. Russian didnít do anything. The Crimeans voted to end association with Ukraine and on Sunday they are going to decide wheater to stay in independent country or join back to Russia. Poll show it will be an overvelming vote to rejoin Russia. So in that sense it totally different.
Does Obama say that Crymena vote is not legal?
Yes, that what he says. But what is he saying is Ė itís OK if Americans steal provinces from countries and set them up as pupied states. It is not legal for people to exercise self-determination. Well of course, Obama is lieing through his teeth. He is an idiot, he is a liar. What he says it totally false. Everybody that knows anything knows that he is totally false. Under the UN rules, under the International court of justice Crymea is totally legal to determine its own fate.
Now, If you could have a crystal ball in front of you, or according the analysis what you have done what do you thing how is gonna play out this situation because all the sanctions and everything what neocons are doing now will hurt the United States and it will hurt badly.
Yes, but you see it doesnít matter to them. They donít care. What mater to them is obvious. I have alredy told you Norbert. What they want it to weaken Russia. They want Russia to unable to stand up to America, unable to get in Washinktonís way in Syria, unable to get in Wasinktonís way in Iran and they want up the BRICS before they can form an independent currency unit and dumb the dollar. Theyíre after American power, hegemony over other counties.
Do they thinkthey will succesed?
I donít know. Itís gonna to the war. I think there will be no winners. Itís gonna be WW3 because ones Ö.. (18:47) starts this war, none site can afford to lose so nuclear weapons will be used. So what you have are insane people in washinkton driving the world to WW3 and you have insane leaders in Europe enabling the Washinkton to take this step. All Merkel had to do was say no to sanctions. That would be the end of crisis. Instead she gave in brimbes (19:15) and threats and lined up with washinkton. So it is just like WW1 Ė you can sit here and watch what is happening and you can see itís leading directly to war and everybody is full of delutions.
All right. Now, do you thing they thing that they can contain a nuclear war in Europe and Asia and they wouldnít touch the United States at all?
They think that they can win the nuclear war.
Itís gonna cost millions of American lives as well. Millions of them.
Well, I donít think they care, but they not believe that. Recently, there was a paper published by 2 of them that Russian capabilities are so backward compared to Americans that we can have very easily the first strike. Nuclear attack on RussiaÖ (voice interrupted) Ö now they donít intent for the war to start right now. They wanted to start after they capture Ukraine, after they have anti-balistic missile bases on Russia border to match the ones in Poland and the match the ones they going to pun in Georgia into NATO. So the Russians are totally surrounded by IBMS. And they hope then that what the result will be is that Russia will simply decide that it wasnít in position to stand up and accept an American leadership. I think what will happen instead is it than in Ukraine washinkton will push the issue so hard and so fast that the war will start before they expect. And that is a danger. If people in the world have any awareness, they would be in the streets violently protesting what washinkton is doing, because what washinkton is doing is clear Ė they are driving the world to war. Itís not a question of sanctions and 300.000 jobs . Thatís all irrelevant. What the real issue is - we all gonna be blowed up, vaporized. Because washinkton is in hands of buch insane criminals. Look what they done in 21. Century. How many countries they destroyed already: Iraq, Afganistan, Lybia.
If you look at Lybia itís hundreds times worse than under Kaddafi.
Well, of course. They continuing this violence everywhere. Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia. They now have an African command. Theyíve got American troops in Africa. Theyíre conduncting NATO exercises all around Russiaís borders as we speak. They are crazy, they are insane and everybody is sithn (22:41)and desilusional like all these wonderful Americans they save just from communism. You got no idea what is going happen to you.
I do understand what they want and what they are, but what I do not understand isÖ Look, I know hundreds thousands of Americans. You know, Americans are great people and they are, accially, some most of them, or most of them are same brainwashed as we are. But what about an American public. Do they see what is happening?
No, they have no source of information.
All right. So the mainstream media are brainwashing them as well.
The official line here, all you hear from print or TV media is that Russia invated the Ukraine and stole Crimea.
Thatís what they claim?
Thatís what everybody believes. Thatís what their told evedyday all day long.
We have a border with Ukraine so they cannot say that here but the propaganda is very similar as well. We are in NATO as well.
Yes, you are an American puppet state.
Yes, we are (laught).
That too is a violation of Americans agreements with Russia. The US government told gorbacev that it would never take NATO into Eastern Europe but now all the Easter Europe is in NATO.
So all what west says is a lie. You canít trust anything they say and they have been driving toward reducing Russia to impudent state that has to accept Washinktonís orders ever since the Soviet Union collapsed.
Now, do you thing that all the think was premediated since theyÖ you know, Ukraine was the third most powerful country regarding nuclear power and they disarmed Ukraine. Do you think this was premediated move for what is happening now.
They have been determined to weaken Russia ever since Regan left the White House, because Regan view was ďWe gonna end cold war, end the conflict and gone by our businessĒ but after Regan left, 3 years after he left office, the Soviet Union collapsed. And then government in Washinkton said: Oh look, now we can take advantage of this achieve our hegemony over the world because the constrain on our power which was the Soviet Union colapsed. So letís quickly break up the Soviet empire and letís surround whatever survives with a military bases and we donít care what agreements Regan made with gorbachev, they both are out of office. And that have been going on since 1991. And as I already told you since 2004 when the American orchestrated Orange revolution failed in Ukraine, Washinkton govermnet spent 5 bil USD subverding the Ukraine. They have got all kinds of NGOs in Ukraine which organize dissident and dissatisfaction and build propaganda for joining the EU. And that been going on now for 10 years and itís now partially succeeded. The outcome remains to be seen. The real crisis will come in East Ukraine, because itís also Russia. And if violence is used agains the Russian population in Eastern Ukraine in order to stop their protests against Kiev that will bring in the Russian army.
UnfortunatellyÖ Dr. Roberts, if you could spend like 5 or 6 more minutes I have got some question from listeners, if itís all right.
Mario sais: Good evening, thank you for interview in Slobodnyvysielac.sk radio. Many thanks. I have 2 qustions. First: Is there any involvement of US govermnet in the mass media manipulation in the United States?
Yes, the independent US media sees to exist in last year of Clinton regime. The Clinton regime permited 5 mega companies to consolidate the entire American media.
They bought up every little radio stations, everything, little small papers.
They were all bought up by 5 big companies. So all their broadcast licencies are dependent on government whether it renews them or not. So they cannot go against government.
Same situation is here, but not us.
And they are no longer run by journalist. They are run by corporate advertising executives and former government officials. So theyíre not run by journalist and they donít practice journalism. They serve as a ministry of propaganda. Gerald Selente has named them presstitutes.
Yes, itís well known term in our country as well. Now, since you mentioned the media and since I got you on, what happened to this Red Code who left from CNN? Why did he leave?
I donít know. Well, Iím not there and donít know the person. And so, we would have to ask the person and see what that person says, but real journalist are frustrated because they canít report. They have to give propaganda. This didnít happen just all in ones because, you know, theyíre certain people with status and prestige and you have to silence them slowly. You can just all of sudden (29:42) silence them but theyíve been them silencing now slowly since 1997 Ė 1998. And now itís impossible and they arenít anymore journalists. The ones which are still there can take it anymore and leave.
But what I heard of Pierce Morgan was the raitings went down rapidly.
Who knows? I mean it doesnít matter about Pierce Morgan. What matter is, that the West doesnít have an independent media. It has a ministry of propaganda and they follow Washinkton line.
Now, the second question for this listener is: How deep is Z. Brzezinskyís global power structure involved in current foreign policy?
Is a different between Brzezinsky and Neocons. Brzezinky is Polish. He hates the Russians and he goes back to cold war era where the whole struggle was, how we could somehow outwet the Soviets and constrain them in some way. Well, thatís ditternt from the Neocons which is we donít have the Soviets so that releases us to establish our hegemony over the entire world. So Brzezinky wanted to break up Soviets union, the Neocons want to have all world in a same puppet state role as all of Europeans. Who is the German kancler report to? To Germans people? No, she reports to Washinkton! Who is your govermnet report to? Do you think your govermnet is independent and sovereign (laught of moderator)? No, they reports to Washington. They want the same as what they want to China to do. They want Russia to do. They want Iran to do. Thatís what they are striking for. Alhouth the Brzezinsky views are compatible with the Neoconservative ones in many ways, the Neocons go far beyond them. Not just breaking up the Soviet union or Russia. They want the whole world in their pocket. They see USA as empire. Neoconservative call ďAmerica is the indispensible, the expectional country. This is a language of Adolf Hitler. This is how he spoke to Germans.
Yeah, I didnít wanna say it, but you are right.
Well, is obvious Norbert. Itís totally obvious. Instead of Germans being the choosen race, itís now the Americans. They are expectional. They are indispensible. What it means is that they donít have to obey the law. They donít have to pay any attention to international law or even to domestic law because they are above the law.
See, but what history shows us, roman empire, Napoleon and Hitler, they have all ended up really badly.
Well, thatís right but you see that they had strong opponents. But who has strong opponents ones Russian are reduced to nothing and Iran and China. Where is the opponent?
Thatís a next question from Alexander. He is asking about China. What do you thing they gonna to do? They gonna to do the same thing. Theyíre already funding money into dissident groups in China. China has moslim population in some areas. They are building new naval and air bases, surrounding China in pacific. They will control the straits throudh which China trade flows to the resources. They will gradually cut China off from energy resources. One of the reason they overthrough Kadaffi was to destroy Chinese energy investments in oil in Eastern Lybia. One of the reasons they go after Iran is that China gets 20% of its energy from Iran. So, if they can bring Russia into the farm (34:20) they can stop Russian oil going to China. It is the same think they did to Japan in 1930s. Cut them off the resources. They strangle the economy in that way. Thatís what they are trying to do. Theyíll use a military bases to try the intimidate China. Theyíll spread within China by organizing ďhuman rightsĒ groups, ďteaching democracy.Ē Theyíll support muslin elements and encouradge them towards terrorist acts. China, I thing, is being rather careless. They let American banks come in. They let the rockeferel foundation come in and establish an university. They can brainwash the chinesee students. When youíre careless like this when you dealing Americans you really give them opportunity create enormous fifth couloms within your county. Thatís what China is doing. So China can fall to.
All right, Mario says: Additionaly I have 3 more question. Is there any opposition group, power in the USA which is able to change or stop US foreign policy?
Is the any difference between the Republicans or the Democrats in terms of foreign policy?
Are there any US oligars behind US foreign policy, behind the scene? Who are they?
Well, not it the sence of Ukraine or Russia before Putin. The ologars here are mainly concern with building bigger fortunes and have other ways of doing that. The oligars will be interested somehow in Ukraine because itís a chance to loot. But we donít hava olighars in sence of Ukraine or Russia.
You have corporations and families.
We have corporations. We donít have individuals capable of having their own militias of ruling their own cities or province. Their money is generally tight up in all kinds of financial instruments. Their wealth is tighting up the values of paper assets. Is not the same as olighars that are now ruling the Russian cities in Ukraine.
What about our old friend Schwarc Deord a.k.a. George Soros? Is he involved in this now?
He might think yes, but not in any meaningful or determine way.
The Neocons, The Democrats? Ė s velkym D
So you think that the Neocons are running the show?
Of course they are. Sure. I told who they are: National security adviser, state department, Samanta powers, they control the media. Whatís left of conservative magazines are all Neocons.
Last question from Igor is: What happened to US journalism from era of Water Gate? At that time the journalists went off politicians and itís not happening now anymore.
Well, Iíll have already answered that. I said that in late 1990s the Clinton administration permited 5 huge companies to buy up the media and consolidate it. Itís no longer in hands of journalists, itís in hands of former governemnet officials, corporate advertising executives. Companies are huge. Their values are due to broadcast licences issued by the federal government. So go against government, their licences arenít renewed and hundreds millions of dollars the company represents go away to zero. They donít risk their wealth by going against government.
Here is one more question form Jaro: Is there any chance to turn this course around the United States?
I donít think so. I think that Putin was hoping that Western Europe would turn around by refusing to cooperate with what obviously will lead to war. But Europe gave in (39:52) to Americans so I donít think is any way to stoping it in this point.
Is there any group in the Congress, or on the Senate, or some of the states who would oppose this course of actions?
Polls already show that American people are overvelmingly agaist the US meddling in Ukraine. Theyíre against sanctions. They had 14 years of constant wars they donít want anymore. But they have no influence whatsoever on the Government. The Government ignores them. Only way how could people stop it would be if they went in millions in the streets and sustain violent protest. They have to be armed because homeland security now has troops, tanks and will use them against the people. Essencialy, the American public is defange (41:14), has no information, has no organization. The NSA spies on everybodyís communication of every kind. If you try to organize something they would pick you up. Donít think is any kind of democracy or self-determination here. Itís gone. Itís none here. And nobodyÖ no force exists that can stop this momeo (41:4 towards WW3. It could be stopped only by Europe. The Germna kancler could stop it simply by saying no to sanctions. But she didnít. So just as Germans are blamed for WW1, theyíre blamed for WW2, they gonna be blamed for WW3 because they would enable Washington to push the issue into this dangerous and reckless directions. As long as Europe enables the Washington this risk will continue to rise.
But the American people by doing nothing are risking that the war will be brought to your soil.
But they do not know that, Norbert, they do not know. I told them, ones who read me know but thatís not entire population, I mean. I told you already. They donít have information. The media is not telling. The media is not saying ďlook, this could be dangerousĒ. Theyíre all saying: sticking to the Russians, teach them a lesson.
What lesson? Thatís crazy.
We have a chairman of George Jesus Step of Down saila daily. He is prepared to send troops, army. They claim that we have an agreement with Ukraine. It goes back to 1992 or something. We guaranty integrity of their country.
Is there any agreement like that?
They said there is.
Have their showing you or to anyone?
Look, I donít have time to look at all the agreements. What matter, Norbert, if they want to do it, theyíll said they have it.
I know. I was trying to be politically correct. I know how it works unfortunately.
There is not anything that I know left. Well, Putin may simply say I rather surrender than having a nuclear war. Maybe thatís all happen. Russian may simple surrender. They say: OK, we give up. Itís all what I can think up at this point how to stop it.
All right Dr. Roberts. Thank you very much for your time.

You are welcome, good bye.