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    I don't think that's going to happen because as part of the US peace and denuclearization agreement with North Korea, I am very certain that North Korea will require as we should expect a US security agreement to protect North Korea same as South Korea at least for some rather long period of time, which I would expect to be indefinitely. This would likewise protect Japan.

    We might be able to reduce some forces over time, but I don't think we would reduce much of anything in that region for many years. From the US perspective, we have concerns with the ambitions of both Russia and China against Korea, Korea against Japan, and North Korea against South Korea.

    It's a wicked dangerous web as we've lost our relationship with Russia thanks to Robert Mueller, we're stressing the relationship with China to correct their ambitions in the South China Sea as well as our crucial trade issues, but rightly so, and while things are looking very good with an ultimate agreement with North Korea, we will not know for many years what the dark state military ambitions of North Korea's standing army really are

    I've thought for a spell now that it is the leadership of this NK Army that actually rules North Korea, more so than Kim Jong-Un, and a military coup is a possibility at any moment, and the NK Army left to its own devices, will never agree to give up nuclear weapons.
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