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Study Finds People Are Still Fleeing California And New York For Texas And Florida

By Mike LaChance - January 4, 2023

During the pandemic, Americans began fleeing certain blue states and heading to red states like Florida and Texas. Red states were more free, didn’t lock down and didn’t keep schools closed for as long.

A new study has found that the exodus from blue states to red has not ended and is still going strong.
California and New York are still bleeding residents who are seeking greener pastures in other states.
The New York Post reports:
People U-Hauling out of NY, California — heading to Texas, Florida: study
Start spreading the news — they’re leaving today.

People are U-Hauling it out of Democratic-run New York and California — and flocking to lower-taxed places, including Republican-led Texas and Florida, a new study released Tuesday found.
The report by U-Haul truck rental moving service shows that sunny California — the Golden State — has gone from Dreamin’ to Leavin’, while more folks are departing the once mighty Empire State than are moving into New York.
California ranked dead last year, with more one-way U-Haul rentals leaving the state than moving in — while New York ranked a lowly 46th. The rest of the bottom six was rounded out by a group of other famously blue states: New Jersey at number 45, Massachusetts at 47, Michigan at 48 and Illinois at 49.
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“Demand for equipment out of California, Illinois and New York remained strong in 2022, as more people opted to leave areas of the West Coast, Northeast and Midwest,” the U-Haul report said.
Where are folks moving to? Texas is the No. 1 growth state for the second consecutive year and the fifth time since 2016, U-Haul reports.
Florida, which ranks second, has been a top-three growth state seven years in a row.

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5:56 PM · Jan 2, 2023

It turns out freedom is pretty popular.

Study Finds People Are Still Fleeing California And New York For Texas And Florida (