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    Peppermint Candy Made in the USA!!!!

    I know we have noticed that most peppermint candy is now made in Mexico.

    Just when I had given up on eating peppermint, I found some made in the US and of all places at the dollar store filled with crap from China.

    Manufactured by the Piedmont Candy Company of Lexington, NC

    Also, they proudly display an American flag on their products!

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    Great find Dix!!

    Here's a list of stores which sell their goodies!!

    Demoulas Super Markets
    Dollar General
    Dollar Tree
    Family Dollar
    Piggly Wiggly
    Variety Wholesalers
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    And, although Herseys will be moving some of its production to Mexico with the rest of the crowd, Russell Stover chocolates still are made in the United States - my Christmas Gift Box displays a United States flag with the words, "Proudly Made In America" around it. I looked up where they were made before requesting this brand - although they obviously are not intended to compete with far more expensive European brands, they were just as good as I remembered!

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