Petition to Congress Protesting Illegal Alien Amnesty and U.S. Social Security Totalization With Mexico

The Senior Citizens League will collect both online and print petitions and bring a collective voice to members of Congress protesting illegal alien amnesty and U.S. Social Security totalization with Mexico.

We, The Undersigned, urge that you do NOT enact any Amnesty legislation for illegal immigrants and do everything possible to STOP the U.S. Social Security Totalization Agreement with Mexico.

An Amnesty would allow illegal immigrants to gain legal work authorization and access to Social Security. Totalization with Mexico would allow Mexicans to file claims for Social Security that could be based on earnings from unauthorized work while in the United States. Worse, under either, dependents of these persons would be able to claim benefits, yet our government has
released NO publically available estimates of the cost to Social Security of illegal earnings!

Given the problems already facing Social Security, ANY new outlays will make it even more difficult than it already is for the government to pay scheduled benefits. Amnesty and
Totalization with Mexico would increase the pressure on Congress to cut benefits and raise taxes.

You MUST stop these two outrageous attacks on Social Security.

Respectfully signed by this concerned citizen:

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