Pfizer makes customers guinea pigs - again
Anti-Smoking Drug Linked to Heart Attacks and Suicide

I love how all these happy talk TV segments end with "talk with your doctor."

What the hell does your doctor know about anything?

The drug dealers give them free samples, bonuses for prescribing etc. etc.

The doctors research NOTHING and use pharmaceutical reps as their sole source of information about want to "prescribe" i.e. take a wild guess at.

If a doctor tells you you need a drug, YOU need to get on the Internet and find the manufacturers warnings (they're hidden but findable) and read all the side effects that are possible so if they occur you can stop the drug immediately and reduce the harm done.

Your lazy, money grubbing doctor isn't going to give you a detailed list of symptoms and if there's a problem rest assured it will be YOUR problem and yours alone. Odds are the doc hasn't even bothered to read the risk statements associated with the drugs he or she is prescribing and will find the symptoms as surprising as you do.

BrasscheckTV Report

Big Pharma uses you as a guinea pig

This story could be about any one of
hundreds of "products" Big Pharma
has released.

The pump know-nothing doctors
to prescribe it and then are "shocked"
to discover it kills people.


- Brasscheck TV

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You don't need to worry about taking chantix, you'll probably kill your self first! Wake up America these drugs are awful and they don't tell us what they will do to us, you need to read the fine print, and question, question, question!!!