Pfizer is terrified of discovery in Brook Jackson’s legal case against the company – “Pfizer lied. People died,” says attorney

Tuesday, March 14, 2023 by: Ethan Huff
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(Natural News) Earlier this month, Judge Michael J. Truncale met with whistleblower plaintiff Brook Jackson and defendants Pfizer, Ventavia, and ICON to hear Pfizer’s motion to dismiss the False Claims Act case that Jackson filed against the pharmaceutical giant on behalf of the United States.
As you may recall, Jackson came forward with allegations against Ventavia, her former employer and the company that Pfizer partnered with to conduct clinical trials on its Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine.” Jackson is accusing the company of clinical trial fraud, which Pfizer obviously denies (has Pfizer ever even once told the truth about anything?).
Truncale was scheduled to hear Pfizer’s argument against the case, which claims it cut corners and wasted taxpayer money to fast-track its covid injections to the market at warp speed. Pfizer also allegedly lied to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which was all too eager to emergency authorize the jabs under Operation Warp Speed.
Pfizer is reportedly hoping that Truncale will reject Jackson’s claims, which will in turn prevent the discovery process from advancing. Should discovery occur, Pfizer will no longer be able to deny Jackson’s allegations, so the company is working overtime to see that the case gets dismissed with prejudice.
“Pfizer promised to deliver a safe, effective vaccine for prevention of COVID based on honest clinical data,” tweeted Robert Barnes, Jackson’s attorney, about the matter. “Instead, they delivered a dangerous, ineffective gene therapy, preventing nothing. Pfizer lied. People died. Time for discovery.”
Pfizer displaying “extraordinary arrogance and untouchable attitude” in attempt to get legal case against it dismissed

Appointed to the bench in 2019, Truncale allowed nearly four hours of oral arguments to be heard during the hearing. These testimonies centered around revelations of shoddy practices at Ventavia. Truncale clarified that he will not be issuing a ruling from the bench.
As of March 6, there is still no decision that has been handed down, according to Barnes. The latest tweets from Barnes are all about the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and other financial news that has since taken over the headlines and news cycle.
It could take weeks or even months, Barnes earlier indicated, for Truncale to issue a written opinion. It just depends on how long it takes the court to review the case, which is lengthy and quite frankly landmark in terms of the scope of what it could accomplish on behalf of the American people.
The net effect of Pfizer’s argument, the court warned, could be “that there’s no role for the judiciary in overseeing what takes place if the FDA simply continues along with the Pfizer fraud.”
Even if protocol violations occurred, defense attorneys further argued, the case should not move forward at all because the federal government was aware “but still granted emergency authorization to Pfizer’s vaccine.”
Pfizer at the time was racing against Moderna to unleash the world’s first messenger RNA (mRNA) jab for the Fauci Flu, which is also the subject of much debate over where and how it originated.
“Even if rules were violated, the problems only affected a small number of trial sites,” Pfizer is actually trying to argue, which came as something of a shock to Barnes who commented on the company’s extraordinary arrogance and “untouchable attitude.”
Keep in mind that, thanks to the Trump administration and Congress, Pfizer and the other drug giants that participated in Operation Warp Speed have special immunity from prosecution thanks to the PREP Act.
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Pfizer is terrified of discovery in Brook Jackson’s legal case against the company – “Pfizer lied. People died,” says attorney –