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    Please, please !!!! Watch this video and spread the word !! ... 1843120756

    The Obama Deception.... guys we don't have much more time to save our country... you see it, I see it, my children see it; and it is closing in fast.

    We have got to stop this ((((((((((((((((

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    I have passed this around.............

    It is an excellent video.
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    It really is, and soooooooooooooooooooooooo true !!!

    We don't have much time before they go after the internet, so we must educate people as fast as we can. I heard on the Communist News Network (CNN) tonight that there are several sites the Feds gonna take down as they are deemed to be terrorist sites. The government controlled news media, which is comprised of all the major networks; otherwise they would not be major networks.... much like a black dude born in Africa could become King of the United States, saying in speeches that we have 58 or 59 states in the US.... he's such an idiot... he doesn't know how many states are in the US?

    Like the end of the video says.... look in the miror and know you have the power to stop this, NOW !!!

    Our government is owned !!!! How on earth does a congress with a 9% approval rating get re-elected?????? How does a dude from Africa, not even eligible to run for the office, win an election and now gonna dictate everything you do in your life, your house values, your retirement..... amnesty for more illegals to steal what job you have left? And last but not least... the new world order of unsuccessful countries, now want to rape you of what you have left? They screwed their countries up, only thing left is to figure out how to steal what they need from the USA; the last remaining country to rob blind.

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