Man with concealed-carry permit held on suspicion of murder


Family and friends of two Milwaukee teens killed when they allegedly attacked a maintenance worker rally outside the scene of the incident (Screen shot from WITI-TV report).
A maintenance worker in Milwaukee allegedly was held down by two black teens and beaten by a third person with a baseball bat when he shot and killed the two teens, according to police.

James Bell Jr., 19, and Anmarie Miller, 17, were shot to death Wednesday at an apartment building on the city’s north side where the maintenance man worked, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.
The 39-year-old worker, who has not been named by police, had his injuries treated at a hospital. He then was taken into custody at the Milwaukee County Jail on suspicion of committing two counts of first-degree intentional homicide, Milwaukee’s WITI-TV reported.

The third individual involved in the attack was arrested for battery. No one has been charged, and prosecutors are reviewing the case. Police say the incident was caught on video.

While the maintenance man has not been identified, Milwaukee has been a center of racial violence over the past three years, WND has reported, that rarely is reported as such.

The title of WND reporter Colin Flaherty’s book “White Girl Bleed A Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It” comes from an incident in Milwaukee July 4, 2011, in which as many as 100 black people rampaged through a local convenience store, looting candy and groceries. That same year, hundreds of black people beat and terrorized crowds at and near the state fair grounds. At the local Mayfair Mall, hundreds of black people rampaged through the retail area, causing shop owners and shoppers to hide behind locked doors and call for police.

Police investigating the deadly incident at the Milwaukee apartment complex this week said an argument occurred in a stairwell between the worker and three people, leading to a physical altercation, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

The paper reported a Milwaukee police spokesman said the state’s concealed-carry law prevented him from disclosing whether or not the maintenance man had a concealed-carry permit.

But WITI, in a broadcast report, said its sources said the worker has a concealed-carry permit and was in legal possession of the gun.

Distraught family and friends of the two teen and community leaders held a rally outside the scene of the incident, holding placards with a photo of the teens and handwritten messages of condolence.

Family members said Bell and Miller were “a couple” and had two young children together.

Milwaukee is among the 20 most violent cities in the country.

According to the Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission, established in 2005 to help reduce violence, there were 105 murders in 2013, up from 91 in 2012. Seventy-nine percent of the victims were black and 84 percent of the known suspects also were black.

Contrary to popular belief, only 21 percent of 2013 homicides were gang-related, and only 18 percent were tied to drugs.

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