Polk County, NC
Local Police Chief Accused Of Sex Crimes

Aug 30, 2006 10:21 AM

A chief of police finds himself on the other side of the law. Columbus Police chief Chris Abril has been arrested on sex charges involving two little girls.

A grand jury indicted him Monday but the State Bureau of Investigations say the crimes happened almost twenty years ago.

Abril is not only the chief of police in Columbus but he's also running to be the next Polk county sheriff. He's charged with five counts of first degree statutory rape and one count of first degree sex offense. In plain English, investigators say about eighteen years ago Abril had sex with at least one of those girls.

Forty-four year old Chris Abril has been in law enforcement for half of his life, but for the last five months, this police chief has been the one under investigation. Authorities say the husband and father of two had sexual relations with both a ten year old and twelve year old girl in the late 80s.

His friend Cato Junge says the charges have, "no foundation...and are politically motivated."

Political because Abril is running to be the next Polk County sheriff. His friend Cato Junge says the sex charges surfaced only when Abril's name appeared on the ballot.

Junge says, "It looks like he's got more support now than ever."

He's now out on bond staying in the race to be the next new sheriff. Lidia St. Mark asks Junge, "Does he maintain his innocence?" Junge replies, "Absolutely, 100%."

Abril has been suspended with pay. We're told he's expected to release a public statement through his attorney by Tuesday.


There is a video if you want to see it. You should here this guy talk.