Poll: 70% Reject Obama’s Plan to Arm the Syrian Rebels

We’ve strongly condemned the outright treason of arming the Syrian rebels. Giving them arms means we’re sending weapons to the allies of Al Qaeda as well as thousands of Al Qaeda soldiers who help make up the rebel forces.

Most Americans agree. In fact, 70% of Americans don’t support Obama and McCain’s plan to arm the Syrian rebels, as Pew reports below. Most people don’t want to see 9/11 happen again and don’t want to see Al Qaeda strengthened.

However, McCain and Obama disagree. And Rubio recently said if he was president, he would have armed them much sooner than now. Yes, he literally is upset that Obama isn’t arming the rebels fast enough. We were interested in seeing what Rubio would become, and right now it looks like he wants to be the next John McCain. Not good.

Pew reports:

Overall, 70% oppose the U.S. and its allies sending arms and military supplies to anti-government groups in Syria; just 20% favor this. Opinion is little changed from December of last year (24% favor) and support is down slightly from March, 2012 (29% favor).

This isn’t just a short-term thing. Americans simply want no part of it. Of the 20% who do support it, they likely aren’t keeping up with the news and have no clue what’s going on. The reason is simple:

Arming people who will murder others is wrong. It doesn’t matter if they’re fighting another group of bad guys. Both sides are wrong. There are no “good guys” in Syria — there are only two groups of bad guys. We shouldn’t get involved.

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