Poll: Bidenís Approval Is Only 40%

Bidenís approval rating is sinking lower and lower.
A Rasmussen poll found only 40% of Americans approve of Bidenís job performance.
58% disapprove.

This is even with the media propping Biden up.

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Biden Job Approval: Approve 40%Disapprove 58%.@Rasmussen_Poll, 1,500 LV, 12/13-15

11:15 AM ∑ Dec 16, 2021

From Breitbart:
President Joe Bidenís approval rating has sunk to 40 percent, a Thursday Rasmussen poll revealed.
Fifty-eight percent of respondents disapproved of Bidenís job performance, an 18 percent difference.
The poll also revealed only 20 percent of Americans strongly approve of Bidenís job performance, while 48 percent strongly disapprove, marking a 28 percent deficit.
While Americans are struggling with 40-year-high inflation, coronavirus mandates, the open southern border, and supply chain crises, Bidenís polling numbers have worsened in the last seven days.
Bidenís average approval in Real Clear Politics has him at 44%.
This includes left-wing polling.

Poll: Bidenís Approval Is Only 40% (protrumpnews.com)