Professional Probate: 3 Billion annually in stolen estates

While it is imperative for the organized criminal rings operating under cover of probate courts to convince the public that it is only squabbling family members who abuse, neglect, financially exploit and mentally torture the elderly, the fact is, 95% of these cases are committed by professional fiduciary’s; strangers to the family and the victim. Commonly referred to as predatory guardians, these individuals have amassed massive fortunes at the expense of the elderly who committed the new age crime of “aging with assets”.
The PEW Research Center Reports:
According to a report recently issued by the Pew Research Center, on average Americans over the age of 65 have 47 times as much wealth as Americans under the age of 35.
And every one of them have been targeted by professional predators just waiting in the wings to relieve them of their life’s financial accruals.
“This system of theft will continue until the entire estate has been stolen leaving the victim penniless. At this point, Medicare and Medicaid are used as the cash cow to cover medical expenses and the inflated charges of nursing, the doctors’ visits and vast amounts of medications are charged off to these services costing these services millions each year in padded billing. ”
State statutes prohibit isolation

In every state are statutes regarding the treatment of the elderly, and especially those who are unfortunate enough to be rendered a ward of the state. And, in every state, city, county, these statutes are ignored, violated and dismissed by the so-called [probate judge] in order to allow the predator unfettered access to all assets and for absolute control of the victim. This is in effect, a civil death. It is also grand larceny sanctioned by the court with the judge fully anticipating profiting from the activity.
Isolation, strictly prohibited by state statutes across the country, is dispensed with as the predatory guardians are allowed to isolate the victim from families, friends and even from religious associations. This too is facilitated and approved by the probate judge; apparently believing that being called “judge” allows him or her to disregard governing statutes that might put a chink in the money mill that is guardianship. And, considering the thousands of elderly victims who have suffered at the hands of corrupt probate judges, predatory guardians and pay-rolling attorney’s, it appears to be so.
Oftentimes held hostage in a participating facility that will cooperate with the demands of the predators, elderly individuals are left to languish, oftentimes forcibly medicated with off-label drugs to keep them quiet and thinking that their family and friends have abandoned them. This is a mental torture inflicted on the hostage in order to maintain absolute control and the family is most times unable to know where the victim is being held. Even when the family or friends can locate the victim, visitation is not allowed. Phones are taken away.
You need to get an attorney!

Well! Of course you do! And many people have, only to have that attorney demand thousands of dollars in retainer fees and then tell them just as they are entering the probate court…..”I can’t represent you”…and then walk away. In any other profession, this would be fraud and breach of contract. In the legal profession, it appears to be just business as usual.
Other times, it is glaringly apparent that they have entered into some kind of behind the scenes agreement with the opposing counsel and refuse to act to defend their clients or to present an effective case. Still, they demand to be paid and will file complaints, motions, charges against the family in an attempt to extract more money from the people they intentionally defrauded.
A tremendous number of families have contacted their local BAR Association in the hopes of that association acting on their behalf. They have also filed formal complaints with the state’s judicial oversight boards. In either case, these associations and boards either do not respond, or if they do, it is to condone the unethical if not illegal activity of their members. Here again, the laws, statutes, codes, regulations apply to YOU, but not to them!
This issue alone is reason enough to end the closed union shops known as [BAR Association]. Judicial oversight boards comprised of judges and attorneys should similarly be disbanded and these boards should be occupied by everyday citizens to replace them. To avoid hand picked cronies, family members, golf buddies and other people who might be owed favors, the selection of oversight members should be a lottery system of registered voters.
But! You don’t know anything about the law!

And judging from the law-breaking occurring from the benches in court rooms across this country, neither do these so called judges. We, the disbarred public, could do no worse than these black-robed judicial mafia members who were hand-picked by their buddies most times, to sit on that bench.
Even elected judges are hand picked by the BAR Association; there is no campaigning, no review of judicial conduct and definitely no mention of misdeeds on the bench or any confirmation of knowledge of the law. There are no opposing candidates for that seat on the bench. You are given one candidate…the one they want in that position.
Make a wish!

My wish is that everyone of these probate and family court judges who have participated in the fracturing of a family to fill a quota; the kidnaping and isolation of an elder so that their estate can be looted by the predators working in their courts, should face the same future as they so blithely condemned an elderly victim to . They should be isolated, medicated and have to sit and watch as total strangers who have no interest in whether they live, die or survive, steal everything they have accumulated over a lifetime while tormenting and subjecting them to unthinkable acts.
Maybe what we really need is a citizens court in order to get any kind of accountability for the travesties that occur daily in courtrooms across the country. Its a sad state of affairs when those conducting the court and those who work with and for them break more laws daily than most of us will in a lifetime. I might feel differently if the crimes they commit did not have such an horrendous impact on vulnerable individuals.
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