Prophecy about the UKRAINE WAR comes true!

Posted on August 3, 2022 by State of the Nation
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Editor’s Note: The following excerpt comes from a previous SOTN exposé about an “explosive presentation hosted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs that reveals what no government official, no political representative, no NGO executive and no think tank director has ever said before in public”. The bullets points listed below represent the key takeaways provided by George Friedman who, at that time, was the CEO and Founder of STATFOR, which basically functions as a privately funded, independent C.I.A. staffed with former spooks and intel agents from the U.S. Intelligence Community.

Essential Takeaways from Friedman’s February, 2015 Speech to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs; U.S. Foreign Policy Laid Bare As Never Before

The following 10 points represent the most chilling revelations from George Friedman’s talk. Ergo, if the reader remembers nothing else from this exposé, these are the most important. Keeping them in mind will greatly inform the correct understanding of weighty current events, especially those which are occurring anywhere on the largest landmass in the world — Eurasia.
(1) Russia must be contained and controlled in any way possible so as not to even pose a potential threat to the USA’s sole superpower status.
(2) Germany must be prevented from entering into an economic union with Russia; fabricating false pretexts by the USA in order to levy economic sanctions against Russia drives a wedge between both nations.
(3) A German-Russian alliance would challenge U.S. world domination as no other combined force on Earth. The marriage of German capital and technology with Russian human and natural resources would be invincible.
(4) The best way to preclude a close collaboration between Russia and Germany is to bring war to their borders, especially through the employment of “spoiling attacks” (read: terrorist attacks). Russia has experienced this with Chechnya, Georgia, South Ossetia, and the Ukraine.
(5) By inciting wars among Russian neighbors and conflicts between the concerned Eurasian powers, USA world supremacy is assured (e.g. the Ukraine conflict was started after Russian peacemaking initiatives in Syria).
(6) Just as the British Empire controlled its many colonies through divide and rule, the U.S. must use the same MO and military tactics. Rome used the same divide and conquer strategy appointing local kings to maintain the peace.
(7) Pilsudski’s Intermarium delineates the ideal way of containing Russia at the European border, which could then be used as a springboard to conquer the Motherland. Pushing Russia’s Western front close to Moscow poses an existential threat.
(8 Channeling the hatred of the defunct USSR, found within the Baltic states and ex-Soviet satellites, toward the 25-year old Russian Federation will help secure the Intermarium.
(9) Maintaining a cordon sanitaire around Russia will neutralize its military force, limit its alliances and minimize its economic influence throughout the world. Forever keeps Russia on the defensive.
(10) Russia and Germany must be kept apart even if it means starting World War III. The first two world wars served the very same purpose; the Ukraine Civil War can be expanded at any time in order to preoccupy the concerned nations as it was chosen for its volatility.
(Source: STRATFOR Chief Reveals Zio-Anglo-American Plot For World Domination)

For the uninitiated, the following distillation and interpretation of the preceding bullet points clarifies exactly why the Ukraine War was started by the US-UK-UA-IL-EU-NATO terror group in 2022. It’s important to note that the following excerpt was first published before Russia launched its special military operation in Ukraine.

The Zio-Anglo-American Axis knows that a close political/economic alliance between Germany and Russia would spell the final end of the dying US-UK Empire. The Western political establishment will simply not tolerate this; nor will the wealthy elites of US-UK-EU accept the ascendancy of a Russian-German power structure built around the most powerful economic engine the world has ever seen.
What the American and European elites are really afraid of is the natural marriage of German capital, technology, market monopolies and industrial efficiency with Russian natural resources, manpower, scientific knowhow and industrial capacity. Such an economic powerhouse and financial union scares the living daylights out of London and Washington and Tel Aviv.
The West especially knows that a continuous flow of Russian natural gas and oil to Germany is just the beginning of a much closer trading relationship, which the US-UK-EU-NATO warmongers will block by any means. Hence, the Zio-Anglo-American Axis is determined to provoke a devastating war between Russia and Ukraine in order to thwart any movement toward detente between Berlin and Moscow.
(Source: IT’S WAR! A Zio-Anglo-American War Against Russia)

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