Protesters scale U.S. embassy walls in Tunisia


18m ago 9/14/

Rioters have been seen scaling the wall of the U.S. embassy in Tunis amid reports of black smoke and the sounds of gunfire coming from the diplomatic compound in the Tunisian capital, Al Jazeera and the Associated Press reports.

The Associated Press also reports a lLarge cloud of black smoke seen coming from around US embassy in Tunis.

CNN, quoting journalist Zeid Mhirsi, also reports that protesters are climbing the gates of the U.S. Embassy in the tunisian capital. It says police have fired tear gas in an attempt to disperse them.

CNN quotes Mhirsi as saying some protesters are also throwing rocks at the police, while others are waving black flags as they attempt to "vandalize the gates."

  • The U.S. has sent a Marine team to Yemen to deal with the aftermath of the
    embassy attack, a U.S. official tells the Associated Press.
  • Protesters have smashed into the German Embassy in the Sudanese
  • Security forces in Egypt and Yemen have fired tear gas and clashed with
    protesters to keep them away from U.S. embassies.
  • One protester was killed in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli in clashes
    with security forces, after a crowd of protesters set fire to a KFC and an
    Arby's restaurant.

In an apparent attempt to patch up strained ties with the United States,
Egypt's Islamist president, Mohammed Morsi, has gone on state TV and urged Muslims to protect foreign diplomatic missions in his most direct public move tocontain protests.

In Sudan, a prominent sheik on state radio urged protesters to march on the German Embassy to protest alleged anti-Muslim graffiti on mosques in Berlin and then to the U.S. Embassy to protest the film, the Associated Press reports.

"America has long been an enemy to Islam and to Sudan," Sheik Mohammed Jizouly said.

Soon after, several hundred Sudanese stormed into the German Embassy, burning a car parked behind its gates and setting fire to trash cans.

Protesters danced and celebrated around the burning barrels as palls of black smoke billowed into the sky.Police firing tear gas drove the protesters out of the compound. Some then began to demonstrate outside the neighboring British Embassy, shouting slogans, while others left, apparently heading to the American Embassy, which is outside of the capital.

In east Jerusalem, Israeli police stopped a crowd of around 400 Palestinians from marching on the U.S. consulate to protest the film, the AP reports.

Demonstrators threw bottles and stones at police, who responded by firing stun grenades. Four protesters were arrested.

Security forces in Yemen shot live rounds in the air and fired tear gas at a crowd of around 2,000 protesters trying to march to the U.S. Embassy in the capital, Sanaa. Though outnumbered by protesters, security forces were able to keep the crowd about a block away from the mission.
Protesters scale U.S. embassy walls in Tunisia