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    Radical left vision for America marks nation’s demise, not its salvation

    (Natural News) Radical Left politicians, along with a compliant Press, carry the message of the Collectivist vision—a vision that overrides concern for the health, safety, and well-being of the Nation and the Nation’s citizenry.

    (Article by Roger Katz republished from
    Like the crass hypocrites they are, radical Leftists love to go on about how they respect the rule of law but ignore it when they find it convenient to do so to support their radical agenda.
    Lacking all visible restraint and common decency, they flagrantly, even exuberantly, attack our Constitution, our institutions, our history, our culture, our ethos, our Nation’s Judeo-Christian ethical underpinnings and belief in the Divine Creator.

    These Dead Souls, these transgressors of the Creator’s sacred Commandments, attack all our citizenry holds most dear, and these extremists do so with increasing frequency and ferocity. Everything about them bespeaks ill-will, anger, hatred, resentment, intemperance, rage. They don’t seek to preserve our Nation; rather, they seek to destroy it. Both in their words and actions, they intend to rend everything, both tangible and intangible, that represents and constitutes the very soul-memory of our Nation and its people.
    These Dead Souls ignore, out-of-hand, fundamental rights like, the Second Amendment, etched in the Bill of Rights, but show no reluctance in creating out of whole cloth other “rights” that cohere with their Collectivist precepts. They claim as fundamental rights: the right to attend college; the right to abortion on demand; the right of non-citizens to reside here under a general prescription of seeking asylum; and the right to be free from so-called “hate speech” and hurtful speech in the public space.
    But such purported “rights” exist nowhere, tacitly or expressly, in the Bill of Rights or, for that matter, anywhere else in the Nation’s Constitution. Indeed, one presumed fundamental right cataloged by the Radical Left—the claim of a fundamental right to abortion on demand, abjectly unnatural, is transparently contradicted by Federal Statute and Supreme Court precedent, as is the right to be free from such vague notions as “hate speech” and hurtful speech.

    Yet, as these Dead Souls don’t profess a belief in the concept of natural rights preexistent in the citizenry, such new panoply of “rights,” that are permitted to exist at all, shall consist only of those that Government deigns to grant to the polity, whether to a few members of the polity or to several of its members; whether to most members of the polity or to all its members—but with the understanding that such set of rights and liberties may be amended, ignored, or abrogated as Government needs and goals change, or as Government simply wishes.
    And Government—as Government is conceived by these Radical Leftists, these Dead Souls—may at will, amend ignore or abrogate any such rights and liberties; doing so if for no other reason than to make the point that all lawful power, authority, and control emanates from and proceeds through Government to the Governed, the people, and not to Government through the consent of the Governed, the people.
    Thus, the Radical Left seeks to turn the very political framework of our Nation on its head, commencing with the dissolution of the Second Amendment because an armed citizenry is altogether inconsistent with the tenets of Collectivism.

    The Radical Left uses the mantras of “public safety” and “gun violence” to make its goal of de facto repeal of the Second Amendment, deceptively, “disarmingly” plausible and palatable to the citizenry so that it acquiesces, blindly, willingly; surrendering its firearms; ceding its Birthright to the Radical Left. Thus, the total disarming of the American citizenry proceeds, without a whimper; or, so the Radical Left believes and hopes. And, for those Americans who are not so easily duped, who do not wish to acquiesce, the Radical Left is not reluctant to use threats.
    Don’t Nuke Me, Bro

    Representative Swalwell’s plan if gun owners refuse to turn in their property, use nukes on American citizens.
    Recall the remarks of the “illustrious” Congressional Representative from the “Sanctuary” State of California, Eric Swalwell, who, in November 2018, brazenly, spouted that he would be ready “to nuke” gun owners who do not willingly surrender their “assault weapons.” Many Americans took offense at the remark and rightfully so. The liberal “fact-checker” website, Snopes, counters that Swalwell had never really meant what he said. Trying to cast a positive light on Swalwell’s remark, Snopes reports:
    “What’s True [about Swalwell’s remark]
    In a tweet on 16 November, Swalwell responded to a gun rights enthusiast who said the Democrats’ proposal to confiscate or buy semi-automatic rifles would result in “war” due to resistance from the gun owners, stating “it would be a short war” because “the government has nukes.”
    “What’s False [about Swalwell’s remark]
    Swalwell quickly insisted that his reference to the government’s possession of nuclear weapons was intended as no more than a joke and emphasized that he was not warning gun owners about such a response to their (hypothetical) resistance to gun confiscation.”
    But, who is the joke really on? Obviously, the remark about the use of “nukes” was hyperbole. That much is obvious. But Swalwell’s sentiment wasn’t, and isn’t mere hyperbole. Swalwell is deadly serious.
    Eric Swalwell is one of a large bevy of Democratic Party candidates campaigning for his Party’s nomination for U.S. President in the upcoming 2020 election, and, while all of these Candidates are virulently anti-gun, Eric Swalwell, in particular, is running prominently on a strong anti-gun platform.
    Lauding the Australian Government’s gun confiscation policy, Swalwell is openly critical of our own Nation’s Second Amendment right of the people to keep and bear arms, and he has made clear that he intends to confiscate all firearms Government defines as ‘assault weapons.’
    What isn’t humorous about Swalwell’s remarks—not the least bit humorous—and isn’t meant to be a joke, is a point that Swalwell has stated and reiterated often, and it is a cornerstone of his anti-gun plank. Swalwell has made it abundantly clear and is deadly serious when he asserts his intention to confiscate all firearms that Government—his Administration—defines as ‘assault weapons.’ And, he has also made it crystal clear that any American citizen who fails to surrender those weapons will be arrested and prosecuted.
    Consistent with the pronouncements of Obama and Hillary Clinton, Swalwell waxes poetic about Australia’s extraordinarily restrictive gun measures. But, keep in mind that Australia’s heavy-handed antigun stance and actions that Swalwell and that Obama and Clinton applaud, isn’t a Constitutional Republic in the vein of our own Nation. Australia is a Commonwealth Nation, presided over by a Governor General, who answers to the Queen of England. Moreover, Australia, unlike our Nation, never did recognize the right of the people of Australia to own and possess firearms, independent of Government say-so. Hell, Australia doesn’t even have a Bill of Rights, and its overseers have vigorously fought against the inclusion of one. Not surprisingly, then, the Australian Government can by, fiat, restrict gun ownership and possession, and Australians–less citizens than subjects of the realm–have no legal recourse. And, this is the Country that Swalwell, and Obama, and Clinton, and all of the other Leftist extremists emulate?
    To say these Leftist extremists hold a vision of America different from that of the founders’ vision, indeed a vision opposed to that of our founders’, is a crass understatement. For the assertion fails to capture the sheer scale and scope of the Radical Left’s horrific agenda–what it is the Radical Left wants to accomplish and what it intends to force upon Americans, all of us–in the event, it gains control of all three Branches of Government.
    What these extremists, these Dead Souls, seek to accomplish is the creation of an entirely different kind of America; an America no longer conceived as a free Republic, no longer existing as an independent, Sovereign Nation State. What these Dead Souls have in mind for Americans and for the Nation is the Nation’s dissolution and the subjugation of its citizens. They perceive the remains of what once existed as a free Republic and independent Sovereign Nation State subsumed into a new Governmental and societal construct entirely—indeed, completely consumed by a new international world order that, like a giant serpent, swallows Nation’s whole.
    Thus, these Radical Leftists, these Dead Souls, seek to demolish the very existence of our Country as a Sovereign Nation State and free Republic; and, in so doing, they seek to undercut the very notion of a Bill of Rights that embraces fundamental, natural rights, preexistent in the Nation’s citizenry—rights, then, that, in the founders’ vision, precede and transcend Government and rest well beyond the lawful power of Government to constrain.
    The Radical Left’s objectives for this Nation are ruthlessly, remorselessly and frightfully diabolical; it’s rhetoric, transparently duplicitous; its lack of concern for the Nation’s citizenry, abjectly shameful; its methods, rapaciously mercenary.
    Americans would do well to keep all this uppermost in mind when they go to the polls in 2020.

    Read more at:
    If you're gonna fight, fight like you're the third monkey on the ramp to Noah's Ark... and brother its starting to rain. Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Tech giants now pushing ANTI-knowledge to keep humanity dumbed down and trapped in mental prisons

    Friday, May 31, 2019 by: Mike Adams

    (Natural News) Far from helping people access knowledge and facts, search engines like Google now push anti-knowledge — the opposite of knowledge — in order to keep people dumbed down.

    The evil tech giants are now systematically de-platforming all channels and sources of real human knowledge, awakening and truth. For the topics that really matter, the only information that’s allowed to be found on Google, Wikipedia, iPhone apps, YouTube or Twitter is anti-knowledge, or “false facts” that defy reality and indoctrinate the masses to believe in delusions rather than see what’s really happening in the world around them.
    In other words, on every topic that matters — science, medicine, vaccines, climate, history, politics, biology, culture and more — Big Tech systematically suppresses useful knowledge that might empower humans and replaces it with anti-knowledge that keeps people dumbed-down and trapped in mental prisons.
    We are now living in the Age of Anti-Knowledge that’s pretending to be the Age of Information. But the information is controlled, shaped, twisted and engineered to dumb you down and keep you easily controlled with false narratives and fake facts. Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, Pinterest and Snapchat are all enemies of human awakening, which makes them enemies of humanity.
    Because truth is treason in an age of deceit.

    See my full video here for more details:

    Stay informed. Read for a daily dose of useful, practical knowledge that keeps you healthy and aware. Find over a hundred thousand free speech videos at, the YouTube alternative for free speech.
    If you're gonna fight, fight like you're the third monkey on the ramp to Noah's Ark... and brother its starting to rain. Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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