Rand Paul: ‘Gender affirming surgery’ “is a mutilation”

09/08/2023 // News Editors // 730 Views

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Senator Rand Paul has slammed the Democrat governor of Kentucky after it was revealed that the state has been allowing trans surgeries on children to take place.
(Article by Steve Watson republished from Infowars.com)
During a Fox News interview, Paul described ‘gender affirming care’ as a “terrible, terrible approach,” to dealing with “psychiatric illnesses.”
“We have got a controversy going on in Kentucky right now in our governor’s race, our Democrat incumbent Andy Beshear has said well, I’m not for the surgery but it doesn’t really happen in Kentucky. Then we got a letter from the University of Kentucky saying yeah they have been doing surgery this reassignment surgery on children, on minors and he was caught in a lie,” Paul explained.
The Senator continued, “They’re running with their hair on fire away from this,” adding “There are other issues we are dealing with here, there are psychiatric illnesses, and comorbidities that need to be treated,” Paul said, adding “Instead, we are saying cut off part of your body and you’ll be better.”
“The Democrats kind of want to call it something that it’s not. They got really mad at me at a committee hearing when I called it genital mutilation,” Paul further noted, adding “Universally around the world we were opposed to this. We were opposed to it in Africa when they were doing it. The U.N., everybody was working to stop it and now we have the opposite.”
“We have clinics set up where we are affirming this and encouraging this to happen to our children. It doesn’t work. It is a mutilation. It destroys their urinary tract system. It gives them no sexual pleasure as an adult. It’s a terrible, terrible thing to let your child do or let anybody do to your child. It really shouldn’t happen,” Paul urged.
He continued, “They think it’s all benign but in the case of the transgender surgeries, a half a dozen European countries have banned it in children because they have a long-term experience and actually discovered after following these people 10, 15, 20 years after the surgery that the incidence of suicide is 20 times greater in those who have had the surgery than the general public.”
Democrats are playing dumb about child sex change operations and now these surgeries are being facilitated in secret.
Why are the Democrats covering it up? @RandPaul gives his take pic.twitter.com/XZNCzkHnJK
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