Raped Because of Gun Free Zone

Posted on May 11, 2013 by Dave Jolly

Whether you are a woman reading this or a man who has a wife or daughter reading this, think about how you would feel if this happened to you or one of your loved ones.
A young woman fears for her personal safety and being the law abiding person she is, she follows all of the requirements to obtain a conceal carry permit. Then she purchases a handgun and learns how to shoot it. The handgun fits in her purse and she feels safer as she goes about her day.

This young woman is a student at a local college and enjoys her classes. However, like most schools, this college is a gun free zone, so even though she has a conceal carry permit, she is not allowed to carry her gun in her purse on campus. One day, she is on campus when a man with a gun confronts her and rapes her. Without her gun, she is unable to protect herself from the rapist who steals her dignity, security, and personal integrity.

Women – how would you feel if you were that young lady?

Men – how would you feel if that young woman was your wife or daughter?

Amanda Hughes was that young lady. Today, she spends a lot of her time campaigning for Second Amendment rights. She is also crusading to get schools to allow people with conceal carry permits to carry their guns for protection. She is positive that if she had been allowed to carry her gun with her like she does anywhere else, she would have been able to thwart the attack and never had to experience the violation and degradation of being raped.

She is also adamant that the most dangerous places today are the designated gun free zones. Incidents like Aurora and Newtown bear that out also. What happened to Amanda is no different than what happened to the victims of Aurora, Newtown and every other gun free zone shooting or attack. Criminals go to these places because they know their victims won’t be armed and able to fight or shoot back. Gun free zones only embolden them to do their worst in what is supposed to be the safest areas.

When will liberals wake up and face reality. Will it take the rape or attack of some liberal politician or politician’s wife or daughter in a gun free zone for them to realize what they are doing to others? Somehow, I doubt it. They’ll just try to pass more anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment laws that will only add to the problem instead of fixing it.

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