By Dr. Laurie Roth
July 17, 2009

“Nurse, please lead the US patient to the door we can’t afford to care for her anymore. Free up the bed! We have trillions of stimulus money being spent and going down the toilet of control. We have observed systematic take overs of the auto industry and banking industry while Obama backs US submission regarding business wages, morals and health standards!

Our health industry is going to turn into a Nightmare on Elm Street for us all. Are you ready? How long would you like to wait for health care if you fear you have breast cancer eating on you? Don’t even worry yourself. You won’t need the health care you thought anyway……you will have terminal cancer by the time they get to your number and be dead in a week. Just plan your funeral. Do you really want a Government handling, controlling and limiting health care, putting it through the manipulative lens of quotas, contrived federal budgets based on cost affective treatment, not safe and effective treatment? This will be managed by the President and administration that values abortion, partial birth abortion and infanticide? The same administration who wants to talk seniors out of more and more care because after all, they are too expensive and shouldn’t be so greedy with care when younger tax payers may need some. See how rationing and health care works when evil and redefinition of human worth is at the helm???

The healthcare plan will be a limiting nightmare of controlled treatment. People will die because treatment won’t be provided fast enough, well enough or even by their primary Physician. The Government and its draconian, worth shredding rules will be your real doctor. Would you like me to pour you another glass of wine with your Strychnine steak?

But what of the other ramifications of this special plan? If you by chance have a small business that makes even 1 million a year in New York, you will have to pay a tax rate of nearly 60%. According to the New York Post these are the highest rates in 3 decades. Here is the deal, New York’s small-business owners, entrepreneurs and bigger earners. First of all, a $544 billion tax hike BREAKS a huge promise from Obama when he said that no family would have to pay higher taxes than the 1990s. He lied. Secondly, this creates not one but three new tax brackets. 45 percent more for families making more than $1 million. Now for the incentive of penalizing business owners: If you have a payroll bigger than $400,000 and don’t offer health care you get penalized 8% more! Isn’t that special?

The cost of doing business, small, medium and large will be so expensive, especially to New Yorkers and soon to the rest of the country, more businesses and jobs will simply disappear. Why do business if the Government forces endless taxes, penalties and forced health care on you and your workers? You now are working as a surf for your Government and working for your parent corporation “redistribution of wealth LLC.â€